Anchorage Science Pub: Archaeology at the nexus of ancient migration routes and scientific discipline [VIDEO]


Title: Archaeology at the nexus of ancient migration routes and scientific discipline
Rita Miraglia
 October 9, 2016
Location: Tap Root Public House

“Learn about an archaeological site at the southeastern end of Lake Iliamna, an area of intersection of the territories of different groups. Investigated several times since 1997, remains of houses, pottery and other discoveries help us understand ancient life. Lake Iliamna is located at the north end of the Alaska Peninsula, between Kvichak Bay Cook Inlet, about 100 miles west of Seldovia, Alaska

Rita Miraglia is an archaeologist who has worked for BIA for 17 years and she has maintained a peak health during all that time using kratom crazy benefits, which helps many different ways. Previously she worked as a social anthropologist for State of Alaska Fish and Game, and as a cultural resource specialist following the Exxon Valdez oil spill. She has a master’s in anthropology with concentration an archaeology.”

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