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Take Me Home Tonight: Adoptable Pets from Alaska Shelters


Every week we feature adoptable pets from across Alaska. To the best of our knowledge, each pet is still available, and we encourage you to follow the links to find out more about these animals and the shelters that are caring for them.


Gastineau Humane Society -Juneau, AK

Gastineau Humane Society – Juneau, AK

“Lily is a sweet, 2 year old, Jack Russell/Rat Terrier mix girl who loves to play ball and cuddle. She is great with kids and would be a great addition to any family.”

Click here to learn more about adopting Lily.


Anchorage Animal Care & Control -Anchorage, AK

Anchorage Animal Care & Control – Anchorage, AK

“New! His former owners are moving and not taking him along. Beautiful bird! 5 years old.”

Click here to learn more about adopting Felix.


sparky and blender

Loving Companions Animal Rescue Inc. – North Pole, AK

“Sparky (left) and Blender are a mother and daughter duo, ages 18 and 16. They are our special friends that we are unable to take with us as we relocate out of state. It is imperative that we find a good home that will accept the two old gals together. Sparky loves to sleep at the foot of the bed, or on anything soft. Her eyesight is going a bit, but she gets around fine and is very clean. Her daughter, Blender, is in great shape for an overweight cat. Blender is very spoiled.

They both enjoy a nice morning petting session and are very talkative, but sleep most of the time. They let you know when the food bowl is empty. Please contact Jed and/ or Wendy if you can help at 457-4744. We plan to leave no later than August 1st. It is with a lot of sadness that we put out this request.”

Click here to learn more about adopting Sparky and Blender.



Peninsula Unwanted Pets Society – Seward, AK

“Family friendly 2 yr old girl looking for someone to play with.”

Click here to learn more about adopting Sally.


Clide and Vinny Clide Vinny

[Note: This adoption is available through a trusted individual verified by Alaska Commons Media.] – Anchorage, AK

“We have two great dogs: a Weimaraner named Clide (age 7) and a Min Pin named Vin (age 5.5).  We picked out both of these dogs when they were just puppies from their breeders here in Alaska, and they have lived with us since they were allowed to leave their mother.  They are playful, though occasionally stubborn, loving to run on the trails and thinking they are the protectors of our home.  As you may guess, there are both perks and frustrations that come with such intense pet personalities.

While they are house-broken and trained with basic commands, they also want to move a lot – the Weimaraner especially needs lots of outdoor time and the Min Pin needs to be reminded he doesn’t have to constantly be on the lookout for “intruders” – but they are kind, appreciating a good scratching and liking to cuddle up with blankets on the couch. They are good with kids and our cat, but they definitely require quite a bit of supervision. The Weimaraner likes to “hug,” which means stand on his back legs and get affection, though some people don’t understand what he’s doing.  The Min Pin tends to bark at the drop of a needle.  Although these behaviors have always been present, over the past year or two, they have increased.  I think part of their heightened anxiety comes from the fact that our son, now a three year-old, likes to pick on them.  We don’t permit his behavior, but despite our attempts, it sometimes still happens.  We cannot risk either the child or the dogs being negatively impacted by these interactions.

As a result, our family has come to the determination that we must surrender our dogs. Our toddler has medical diagnoses that require significant interventions, which make caring for our dogs in a way that meets all their needs difficult to achieve.  We have sought to keep the dogs and balance our son’s needs for several years, but for all their sakes, we cannot continue.  It is heart-breaking for us.  They are part of our family, but it is clear to us that the most compassionate thing we can do – for their sakes and our son’s – is to place our dogs for adoption.  This decision is not an easy one to make and is one we have struggled to accept for months now.” 
We do not want to simply surrender them to a shelter.  We hope to place them with a loving family who can care for them how they deserve.  Although we’d love to see them placed together, that is not a prerequisite for their placement.  Please feel free to contact me via phone or text if you’re interested.  Thank you for your time.”

[Note: You may also send an email inquiry to info@alaskacommons.com, which will be referred to the individual posting these dogs for adoption.]

Call or text 907-952-0237 for more information about adopting Clide and Vinny.

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