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News Roundup: April 8, 2016


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Alaska News

The House passed a bill seeking to restrict the ability of the governor to accept and spend federal funds when the Legislature is out of session. It’s expected to pass the Senate and be vetoed by Gov. Walker. [Alaska Commons]

Alaska Air Group, parent company of Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air, announced its intent to acquire California-based Virgin America. If successful, the combined airline would become the country’s fifth largest. [Alaska Commons]

Anchorage voted, and the new Assembly has an 8-3 split, with the supermajority supporting Mayor Ethan Berkowitz. [Alaska Commons]

Steve Lindbeck, former General Manager of Alaska Public Media, announced plans to run against Don Young as a Democrat. [KTVA]

This Week in the South

Mississippi’s governor signed a bill explicitly allowing a variety of businesses to legally discriminate against LGBT people. [Consumerist]

Paypal canceled its plans to bring 400 jobs to Charlotte, North Carolina after the state passed a bill prohibiting LGBT anti-discrimination protections and mandating that transgender people use bathrooms that match their birth certificates. [Consumerist]

The Tennessee legislature passed a bill that would allow mental health counselors to refuse service on religious grounds, a move widely seen as seeking to legalize discrimination against LGBT people. It now goes to the governor for signature. [Reuters]

Tennessee also passed a bill establishing “the Holy Bible” (which version is unclear) as the official state book. It’s unknown whether the governor plans to sign it, given that his Attorney General says it would violate the First and Third Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. [NBC News]

International News

A massive release of documents from a Panamanian law firm – dubbed the Panama Papers – reveals how global elites (including several heads of state) use offshore tax havens to prevent their wealth from being taxed and invested in the communities they profit from. [Alaska Commons]

New UN figures reveal that the Israeli government has tripled its demolition of houses, schools, and humanitarian buildings in the occupied Palestinian territories over the past three months. [Al Jazeera]

Police in the Maldives arrested journalists at a press freedom rally. Seriously. [Al Jazeera]

Everything Else

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled 20,000 Chinese-made Ivanka Trump scarves for violating federal flammability standards. No injuries have been reported. [New York Times]

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