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News Roundup: March 25, 2016


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Alaska News

A proposal to ban Planned Parenthood health educators from Alaska schools hit a snag in the House, which may kill the bill for this session. [Alaska Commons]

Brace yourselves – the Alaska Family Council says they’re gearing up for another attack on the rights of LGBT people in Anchorage. [Alaska Commons]

A Superior Court judge invalidated the 10-year lease on the legislature’s shiny Anchorage offices, ruling that the contract was illegal and invalid. [Alaska Dispatch News]

New projections for state revenue and Permanent Fund earnings have lawmakers considering draconian cuts to Alaska’s operating budget. [Alaska Commons]

Everything Else

Jane Sanders, candidate for First Lady of the United States, is in Alaska this week campaigning for Bernie – and was kind enough to answer a few questions on Pebble, climate change, and the role of the First Lady. [Alaska Commons]

North Carolina passed what might be the country’s most sweeping anti-LGBTQ law, prohibiting local governments from protecting LGBTQ people from discrimination and legally prohibiting transgender people from using a bathroom that doesn’t match the sex on their birth certificate. [Vox]

The US Supreme Court ruled that stun guns are protected by the Second Amendment, but the US Postal Service can continue to prohibit guns in post offices. [The Hill]

Native communities in northern Canada are hoping the Canadian Supreme Court will block seismic testing for oil and gas deposits off the coasts of their communities. [Al Jazeera]

is an activist, educator, and lifelong Alaskan who makes nonprofit education and advocacy programs work better. Tonei is a four-time Pride Foundation Scholar and received the 2011 Richard L. Schlegel Legion of Honor Award for Emerging LGBT Activist. They have been featured on National Public Radio, and received a 2008 Alaska Press Club award for Best Education Reporting while working with the Alaska Teen Media Institute. Tonei holds an MA in Social Justice and Community Development from Loyola University Chicago and a BA in Political Science and Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies from American University.

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