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News Roundup: March 3, 2016


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Alaska news

An Alaska Superior Court judge dismissed the legislature’s lawsuit against Gov. Walker for expanding Alaska’s Medicaid program. Senate Majority Leader John Coghill says they plan to continue wasting our money by appealing to the Alaska Supreme Court. [Alaska Commons]

A comprehensive Medicaid reform bill is nearly ready for the state Senate floor – and for once everyone involved seems to be pretty happy about what’s in the bill. [Alaska Commons]

The most recent version of the House Majority’s proposed state budget includes major cuts to the University of Alaska, benefits for senior citizens, pre-kindergarten education, and a variety of services that primarily affect rural Alaskans. [Alaska Commons]

A random finance website crunched some numbers and determined that Anchorage is the hardest-working city in the country. [Washington Post]

The other 48

Danni Askini, a Seattle transgender activist, is running for the Washington State Legislature. If successful, she would be the first openly transgender member ever elected to that body. [The Stranger]

South Dakota’s governor vetoed a bill that would have forced transgender K-12 students to use school restrooms and locker rooms that corresponded with the sex on their birth certificate, in violation of federal civil rights law. [Washington Post]

Alaska Airlines applied for permission to operate two flights a day between Los Angeles and Havana, Cuba. [Seattle Times]

This week in racism

Three young African Muslim men were killed “execution-style” in Fort Wayne, Indiana, but police are not investigating the incident as a potential hate crime and there has been little coverage of the men’s deaths. [Telesur]

Jean-Marine Le Pen, former leader of France’s hard-right National Front, joined former KKK leader David Duke in endorsing Donald Trump. Le Pen is a convicted holocaust denier who has suggested that Ebola could “solve” Europe’s “immigration problem.” [Telesur]

MSNBC and host Melissa Harris-Perry parted ways after MHP protested the repeated bumping of her show and increasing loss of editorial control. She is one of several Black and Latino hosts who have been sidelined in the past few months. [Washington Post]

Everything else

Super Tuesday came and went, and it made about as much sense as the “True American” drinking game from New Girl. [Alaska Commons]

Mitt Romney urged Republicans to shun Trump, calling him a “fraud” and a threat to the country’s future. [Al Jazeera]

is an activist, educator, and lifelong Alaskan who makes nonprofit education and advocacy programs work better. Tonei is a four-time Pride Foundation Scholar and received the 2011 Richard L. Schlegel Legion of Honor Award for Emerging LGBT Activist. They have been featured on National Public Radio, and received a 2008 Alaska Press Club award for Best Education Reporting while working with the Alaska Teen Media Institute. Tonei holds an MA in Social Justice and Community Development from Loyola University Chicago and a BA in Political Science and Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies from American University.

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