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News Roundup: February 26, 2016


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Alaska News

State lawmakers are beginning to take sides on the three proposals to leverage the Permanent Fund to secure the state’s long-term financial viability. [Alaska Commons]

A new proposed ordinance would give Anchorage community councils the role of advising the Assembly about land use regulations, giving people a formal voice about how and where marijuana could be sold in their neighborhood. [Alaska Commons]

A bill that would force the University of Alaska to allow concealed carry on campuses passed out of its first committee this week. [Alaska Commons]

Rep. Tammie Wilson (R-North Pole) submitted a proposed budget for the University of Alaska that would only fund “student instruction,” cutting funding by nearly 18% and eliminating at least 500 jobs. [Fairbanks Daily News-Miner]

The Other 49

An Uber driver drove around Kalamazoo, Michigan last weekend randomly shooting people, killing at least six. [Al Jazeera]

Iowa’s House of Representatives passed a bill that would allow children under age 14 to handle firearms with parental supervision. [Washington Post]

National News

Jeb Bush dropped out of the campaign for the presidency this week, after spending $130 million dollars – possibly the least successful campaign spending in history. [New York Times]

The White House is currently vetting Gov. Brian Sandoval (R-Nevada) as a possible Supreme Court nominee. [Washington Post]

Black Lives Matter protesters interrupted Hillary Clinton at a private fundraiser in South Carolina, seeking to hold her accountable for past statements on Black youth and mass incarceration. [Huffington Post]

The Department of Homeland Security is building tools that will enable them to automatically and systematically review social media accounts of people applying for visas or asylum status in the US. [Pando]

Public Service Announcements

Taking an ambulance ride could result in a bill for thousands of dollars that isn’t covered by health insurance – and there’s not really a good way to figure it out in advance. [Consumerist]

Amazon now requires a minimum order of $49 to get free shipping if you don’t have a Prime account. [Consumerist]

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