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News Roundup: January 15, 2016


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The Alaska Supreme Court ruled against Ketchikan in its lawsuit over education funding, preserving our school funding system until the next challenge. [Alaska Commons]

The Rasmuson Foundation and the Rasmuson Family are each donating $12 million to help the Anchorage Museum expand its temporary and permanent collections. [Alaska Public Media]

Anchorage assembly member Jennifer Johnston launched a campaign to run for the House seat being vacated by Mike Hawker. [Alaska Dispatch News]

The legislature released its pre-filed bills, which were fairly unremarkable with the exception of a Kim Davis-inspired bill that could undermine marriage equality and local nondiscrimination laws. [Alaska Commons]

This Week in the Disaster Otherwise Known as the Republican Presidential Race

A new national poll by the Wall Street Journal and NBC found that 65% of Republican primary voters could see themselves supporting the Donald – a massive increase from last spring. (However, Cruz and Rubio are still ranked higher on that question.) [The Hill]

Three young girls performed a Trump-inspired song-and-dance routine at a Pensacola campaign stop, and it’s about as bizarre as you’d expect. [The Hill]

Marco Rubio released a campaign ad calling Jeb Bush “desperate” and promising to make life as difficult as possible for people looking to immigrate to this country. [The Hill]

Everything Else

This week marks National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day, and we’ve got some answers for you to share with your closest feline companion(s). [Alaska Commons]

Residents of Whitesboro, New York overwhelmingly voted to keep their village logo, which shows a white man choking a red-skinned Oneida Indian. The village claims the logo actually depicts a legendary wrestling match. [CBS]

Lego changed its bulk-buying policy after a controversy resulting from its decision not to sell bricks to Chinese artist Ai Weiwei for a political art installation. Ai accused Lego of censorship linked to its financial interests in China. [BBC]

The US Supreme Court ruled that Florida’s death penalty sentencing system is unconstitutional. [KTOO]

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