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News Roundup: January 8, 2016


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Governor Walker hosted a one-day summit at UAA exploring ways to address housing issues in Alaska. [Alaska Commons]

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a conservative group notorious for spreading state policies like ‘Stand Your Ground’ and Voter ID laws, is quite displeased with Gov. Walker’s state income tax proposal. [Alaska Commons]

Two startups are exploring how to produce affordable, high-quality produce in Alaska, even in the dead of winter. [New York Times]

Anchorage’s music scene is improving, and a New Year’s Eve performance by ska-punk legends Reel Big Fish is hopefully a sign of many more things to come. [Alaska Commons]

The drama over the Anchorage Legislative Information Office continues. On Thursday, a judge sided with developers in the controversial suit pertaining to the LIO. The case is still headed to trial later this year. [Alaska Public]

DC News

President Obama announced executive actions to increase background check and license requirements for gun sales. As expected, lots of people freaked out. [Alaska Commons]

The 50-year-old Land and Water Conservation Fund has been struggling for years, and narrowly escaped being completely destroyed in last month’s budget bill. [Al Jazeera]

A local news van in Washington, DC was broken into while its crew and reporters were at a mayoral press conference about reducing robberies in the District. [WJLA]

Everything Else

The state of Michigan has declared a state of emergency after a cost-cutting measure initiated by the state-appointed “emergency manager” in Flint, Mich. resulted in nearly 100,000 residents being poisoned with lead. [Al Jazeera]

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson asked a group of schoolchildren who the dumbest kid in their class was – so they pointed him out. The 10-year-old says he wasn’t offended. [The Hill]

Oscar Munoz, who became CEO of United Airlines after former CEO Jeff Smisek resigned during a federal corruption investigation, underwent a heart transplant this week and is recovering. [Tulsa World]

PETA is trolling the small group of armed conservatives who barricaded themselves in an unoccupied government building in Oregon. [The Hill]

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