1. Got it, the author is friends with one side in this dispute, and is out to smear the other. In fact, she says that’s her goal in the article. Providing a history of traffic violations via dropbox? This is petty online bullying. Grow up.

    • Just asking. Were you there in her support or will you be there next weekend. I agree with supporting the cause. Just can’t agree with her ways. But that’s the great thing with the United States. We can agree to disagree

  2. It’s a shame that Green in her lack of class puts those of us who have worked towards pot legalization for some time in a bad light. Quitting her job on air was defenitly her right, but it was just a publicity stunt.

    Green has done nothing to help the legalization process, she has only worked to advance her own self interests.

  3. Sounds sad that a proponent of legalizing marajuana doesn’t seem to have a clear and level headed approach to the city or her neighbors. There are plenty more people who smoke who do thankfully. Sounds like she has some disabilities that need more assistance than a toke can do. I hope she gets help. She needs a writer too I guess. Who will listen and untangle her story? It sounds like it won’t be easy to get to the truth.

  4. Thank you for the well researched and documented story. I find Egbe’s tactics and behavior deplorable. Her business strategy is foolish and counterproductive to furthering the commercial Marijuana industry. At a time when we need to demonstrate that Marijuana businesses can and will operate with respect for neighbors and communities, we have this loose cannon poisoning the well.

  5. Shame on her, but also shame on our court system for letting Greene/Egbe get away with this! She’s definitely violating the property restrictions and from all the articles I have read, she violates her lease agreement…She’s an ass with a capital A!!

  6. I have had run in’s with one party and this is what she does play the victim. this is not the case at anytime with Sarha. she has friends in the media and this is what she get. he way and whatever she wants cause she rubbed elbows with a few people. she has on a number of occasions dealt and smoke large amounts of weed at her fund raising events before it was legal. maybe the lady upstairs didn’t want to puff puff pass lol

  7. Serious derp. I kinda liked her when she quit her job, less so now. Pretty please, someone up there do it right so she’s not the example of a CClub that Anchorage points to when it wants to try banning them again.

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