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News Roundup: December 5, 2014


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No Justice, No Peace

Protests continue in cities across the country after a grand jury declined to indict any NYPD officers involved in the killing of Eric Garner, a 43-year-old Black man whose suffocation at the hands of police was captured on video. [Reuters]

Rumain Brisbon, a 34-year-old unarmed Black man, was killed by Phoenix police on Tuesday. 200 community members marched to the city’s police headquarters on Thursday demanding justice. [Reuters]

Attorney General Eric Holder has announced that the U.S. Department of Justice will investigate the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner to determine whether any federal civil rights violations occurred. [Uptown Magazine]

The NAACP Anchorage Youth Council is holding a peaceful protest rally downtown on Saturday, and we’ll be there to cover the story. [NAACP]

Local Developments

Alaska’s 11th governor was sworn in on Monday, and his inauguration ceremony continued his campaign’s theme of unity and togetherness. [Alaska Commons]

Jim Minnery has long crusaded against the rights of LGBTQ people in Alaska, and now that Alaskans have voted to legalize pot, he’s suddenly concerned that one person’s freedom can be another’s source of oppression. No cognitive dissonance whatsoever. [Alaska Commons]

In the Courts

One of the last actions of the Parnell administration was to object to the request for attorney’s fees from the plaintiffs in Alaska’s same-sex marriage cases. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. [Alaska Commons]

Texas’ attempts to execute a severely schizophrenic man were temporarily thwarted by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, but the state doesn’t appear to be giving up — even though the Supreme Court ruled in that same man’s case that executing mentally ill prisoners is unconstitutional. [Al-Jazeera America]


ACS is getting out of the cell phone business, and will be selling its wireless assets and customers to GCI early next year. [KTUU]

AT&T is attempting to interfere with the expansion of a 1Gbps municipal fiber network in a small town in Kansas, which would compete with the company’s overpriced and underwhelming 6Mbps DSL offering. [BGR]

Silver Linings

The U.S. Department of Education issued guidelines clarifying that transgender students in single-sex classrooms and schools are protected from discrimination under Title IX. [Buzzfeed]

The D.C. City Council became the third jurisdiction to pass legislation protecting children from harmful attempts to change their sexual orientation. [NCLR]

Girl Scouts will soon be able to sell cookies online and via smartphone apps. Now they just need to partner with Amazon and offer free two-day shipping. [New York Times]


  1. And there’s video of Eric Holder when he was Deputy 11 (?) years ago saying almost exactly the same things about rooting out instances of bad policing…..

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