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Help Save the Anchorage Science Pub!

Photo courtesy of the Anchorage Science Pub.
Photo courtesy of the Anchorage Science Pub.

Hello Alaska Commons readers! My name is Dan Morris and I am on the Anchorage Science Pub (ASP) organization committee. ASP offers regular meetings, open to the public, at which presenters give short, informal talks about scientific topics, followed by a question and answer session.

The ASP was created to educate the public on subjects that they might not normally hear about. We love science and we want to share how amazing the world is, along with added benefit of sharing a drink with friends and like minded people.

We are looking for people to join the committee to keep ASP running. As of now the original organizers have resigned and we are taking an indefinite hiatus. Hopefully this will only last less than three months but that solely depends on how many volunteers we can organize to keep this group going.

Often our pubs attract around one hundred people and our speakers have been some of the most well respected members of the Alaska scientific community. We only had four members to the organization committee and one of the main reasons everyone resigned was that they got burned out. If we had ten committee members that would mean that each member would only have to organize one pub per year and that is a very reasonable work load.

Really most of the work is done over e-mail and we only meet once a month outside of the event to organize out thoughts and ideas.

As a committee members your responsibility would include contacting potential speakers, helping them write a title and description for their lecture, getting them to write thirteen trivia questions, keeping the rest of the committee informed on progress, attending the pubs to help with on site organization, and distributing posters to advertise the pub. I am looking for people have experience with editing, have contacts to the local scientific community, knowledge of organizing a non-profit from scratch and people who just have a enthusiasm for science.

Our organization has had a great relationship with Alaska Commons and we really appreciate them allowing us to make this plea to you for help. It would be a great travesty to see such a popular event close because of a lack of participating organizers.

To find out more information, head over to the ASP Facebook page or send an email to anchoragesciencepub@gmail.com.