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Take Me Home Tonight: Adoptable Pets from Alaska Shelters


Every week we feature adoptable pets from across Alaska. To the best of our knowledge, each pet is still available, and we encourage you to follow the links to find out more about these animals and the shelters that are caring for them.

This week, we chose to focus on the Anchorage Animal Care & Control Center. Last week, 13 malnourished dogs were brought in their care. This puts a strain on any shelter so the best way we can help is to highlight the many animals that can be adopted to good homes to free up room and resources for the dogs needing special care. If you can’t adopt an animal but want to help some other way, call the shelter at (907) 343-8122 to find out what they need.


Anchorage Animal Care & Control Center


Asher is very easy-going, affectionate and sweet-natured. His former family can no longer keep him, so this handsome fellow is now waiting for a family to love. Asher has previously lived happily with infants to kids age 10 years and a dog with whom he played with and slept next to. He relaxes in your arms when held and is real cuddle-bug. Super sociable and loving!

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Happy and friendly, though shy at first meeting, Bob is a loving guy. He enjoys his walks and outings and is easy to walk. This youngster is good-natured, alert and very active. He will do best in an active home that can provide plenty of exercise, training and things to do. Full fo fun and affection!

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This sweet gal is very mellow and sweet-natured. Louie prefers petting to playing, and will rub up against you affectionately. Loves her treats, though she may need to be careful not to have to many at 22 lbs! She recently received a haircut to remove some matted fur, though will look as gorgeous as ever when it all grows back.
Louie and her brother, Sylvestor ( A210055) are very close and should be adopted together.

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Lucy, a spayed springer spaniel mix, came to us as a stray and has quickly become a favorite. She greets us cheerfully at her kennel and cuddles and plays when we interact with her. Lucy has quite a bit of energy so she’ll appreciate an active home. She is just an all-around sweet dog who will be a fun companion.

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Skylar & Clark

These furry little guys–Skylar (A209736) and Clark (A209737) are best buddies and would like to be adopted together. They enjoy playing together, exploring, romping, snacking, snoozing and generally being as cute as they can be. They can easily entertain each other when not entertaining you. Happy, fluffy, and adorable–a delight to watch and interact with!

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