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News Roundup: October 24, 2014


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The Alaska National Guard Is Having a Bad Year

Two National Guard officers have been fired – again – along with one of their colleagues, as the Guard scrambles to deal with its “leadership crisis” and its disastrous record on sexual assault. [Alaska Daily Newspatch]

In light of reports of sexual misconduct, including some involving high schoolers, the Anchorage School District has indefinitely banned all military recruiters in the interests of protecting its students. [Alaska Dispatch News]

People Say Stupid Things

An online promotion by Uber’s French division promised to match up riders with “hot chick” drivers, but was immediately pulled down as soon as journalists asked about it. Uber declined to comment. [Buzzfeed]

Don Young told a group of students at Wasilla High School – who had recently lost a classmate to suicide – that lack of emotional support from friends and family contributes to suicides. Awkward. [Washington Post]

Other People Do Stupid Things

The stars of Discovery show “Alaskan Bush People” face multiple felonies related to PFD fraud. [Alaska Dispatch News]

An unidentified person believed to be a 15-year-old boy has been dressing up in a clown mask and walking around creeping out everyone in Portsmouth, England. [BBC]

Some People Have Good Sense, Though

After giving it more thought, the Ketchikan Assembly decided not to incorporate prayers into its legislative agenda. [Alaska Dispatch News]

The Anchorage Assembly narrowly passed a measure to ban those gothic, spike-topped fences, which violently impale and kill 3-4 moose every year. [Alaska Commons]

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals declined to postpone the implementation of marriage equality in Alaska, and same-sex couples began getting married this week. [Alaska Commons]

And Sometimes, People Pay You to Poop

A ‘poop bank’ in Massachusetts pays $40 a day for contributions, which are used to treat a deadly infection that affects over half a million people every year. [Boston Globe]