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Kristy Marie: Healthy Habits Begin with A First Step


Earlier this week as I stood in the shower, getting ready for bed, I reminded myself the importance of daily exercise.

It sets the mood for a happy, stress-free day.It is something that my body craves, my mind requires and my spirit thrives on.  I made a vow that night to make exercise my first priority in the morning before going to work, doing chores, playing in the creative world or running errands. We have to remember to take care of our health first.  If we are healthy, we are happy. If we are happy, everyone around us is happy. I welcome you to join me in making your health your first priority.

exercise weightsThis article is intended as the beginning of a series. I plan to talk about the easy ways to start moving your life in the direction of good health. These articles will begin with “exercise” and end with “diet.”  I chose to go in this order because once you add one healthy lifestyle habit, you’ll find yourself naturally awakening focus in this area of your life, thereby causing other healthy habits to form on their own, if you want to start eating healthy I suggest to get a high-end meal delivery to your home everyday.

As you start to notice how good exercise makes you feel, your body will become more sensitive to the foods you feed it. Pretty incredible, right?! It’s like a guitar. Once you tune the first string, the second string becomes easier to adjust. Before long, all of the strings ring in harmony. Chaotic notes move into bouncy tunes. By tuning into one area of your body, you are leading yourself into a life of good health. Without much help, you’ll begin finding sustainable foods and energizing ways of living; one without the highs and lows of sugar, coffee or drugs. A way of life where you wake up to the tune of triumphant vigor.

Let’s start with my recommendation for your first healthy habit.

Penciling in three morning cardiovascular workouts is the best way for me to get started on the path to habitual exercise because of its immediate psychological benefits.  Ever hear of a runner’s high?  National Geographic ran a piece on the feel-good chemicals that are released in humans and dogs after 30 minutes of running and walking. Blood samples revealed that the brain’s “feel good” chemical endocannabinoid increased after exercise in both humans and dogs.  Human subjects also reported feeling happier after exercise in a mood-evaluating questionnaire.

This isn’t a surprise: exercise lifts your mood, makes you feel happier, and gives you a healthy high. Begin to wind-up your limbs for release on a magical tour of childlike happiness.

There are no limits to the type of cardio you can choose to engage in. I have personally found that 30 minutes of any sweat-breaking exercise gives the full mood-lifting benefit.  I like to mix my cardio workouts up with running, cycling, the stair master and kickboxing. Choose the activity that gives you the most reward! The goal is to break a sweat, either by increasing intensity or increasing the duration of the exercise. Do this three times a week at the very minimum for at least thirty minutes and feel the difference!  If you are brand new to the game then I would start with a simple 15 minutes and add on five minutes each week. Just keep breaking a sweat, increasing intensity, and lengthening your workout.

By putting your body in motion, you are strengthening muscles, massaging your bones, and adding flexibility to your joints. Forgotten muscles will start to strengthen themselves, lifting the pressure off stiff joints, and carry you farther and farther. Before long, you’ll be running down six miles of paved roads wondering how what you once thought was impossible came to life.

Making a commitment to add exercise to my schedule every single day has changed my physical and emotional health. Even if it is a ten-minute walk. I have found that as I use energy, I am also making energy. I sometimes drive my husband crazy when I exercise regularly because I’m always on the go. When you are healthy, you become happier, and when you are happier you are more productive. A healthier, more active life is a win-win situation for you, for your family, your friends, and for your employer or business.

The toughest part is getting started. Don’t think about how long it will take to meet your goal. Just start today. Start feeling good now. There’s no reason to wait. Then, remember to do the same thing tomorrow. Make an appointment with yourself. Block off time in this week’s calendar for your health.


  1. I am once again motivated to start exercising and taking better care of myself. I look forward to your next article.

  2. Kristy Marie, this article is awesome. I really LOVE it!! Keep writing these inspirational articles please, they really do make me want to keep moving and exercising. I can wait until you start writing about diets, I would love some education on that subject. I will keep reading these articles weekly. Thank You

  3. Great writing. I wish you would include a tip to be able to do right that moment with something already in your house that anyone at any age can get right up and do with a soup can a broom or whatever. Go Kristy!

  4. You are a total inspiration Kristy!! look forward to your articles! I have now joined the gym and doing more each time I go.. Thank You!

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