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News Roundup: October 17, 2014


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The Local.

Same-sex marriage became a brief reality in Alaska earlier this week, but is now on hold while the Parnell administration seeks a stay from the US Supreme Court. If that doesn’t happen, marriages will resume at noon today (October 17). [Alaska Commons]

Serious staffing issues at the Anchorage Police Department raise even more questions about the potential impact of AO37, Mayor Dan Sullivan’s controversial labor law. [Alaska Commons]

A Superior Court judge ruled that ride-sharing service Uber can continue to offer rides for free, but charging for rides would violate one or more provisions of Anchorage Municipal Code. The Assembly is considering an ordinance on October 21 that would grant Uber a temporary exemption from Title 11’s taxi regulations. [GovTech]

Fairbanks voters rejected an ordinance that would have extended a ban on local regulation of air pollution caused by wood burning, opening the door for the borough to explore new approaches. [Alaska Dispatch News]

Thanks to PetSmart, a Wasilla homeless shelter can now provide temporary housing for pets as well as people – something all too rare at shelters across the country. [KTUU]

Funding cuts by the Northwest Arctic Borough and the University of Alaska make for a precarious future for Kotzebue’s public library. [Alaska Dispatch News]

Newly released documents reveal a long pattern of appalling, illegal behavior by Alaska Army National Guard recruiters over the past seven years. [Anchorage Press]

The Federal.

Newsweek explores the fundamentally flawed arguments that opponents of same-sex marriage keep using to lose their court cases. [Newsweek]

A Ferguson protest event at St. Louis University revealed a significant generational divide in understanding and responding to Ferguson, and the larger issue of racial inequality in the U.S. [The Guardian]

The US Government has been hiding about a dozen incidents where US soldiers were refused medical treatment for chemical weapons injuries while disposing of pre-1991 era munitions in Iraq – weapons that were mostly designed and manufactured in the West. [New York Times]

The Scary, Awesome, and/or Strange.

Researchers in New York City found never-before-seen pathogens flourishing in the city’s rat population, which one scientist calls “a recipe for a public health nightmare.” [New York Times]

A family in Australia made an extra $140,000 selling their house by agreeing to include their cat in the deal. [Consumerist]

Massive defense contractor Lockheed Martin says it has made a major breakthrough towards making fusion energy a reality. [Reuters]

Alaska Robotics News, a political satire series, released the first of their 2014 election videos – “Campaign Trail 2014, The Road to Nowhere.” [Alaska Dispatch News]

If you have mad safe-cracking skills, or happen to know the combination of a safe that was used by the UAF Sun Star and the Associated Students of UAF, the Sun Star would love to give you $100 gift card to get their safe open. [UAF Sun Star]