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Alaska’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban Struck Down



In a 25 page ruling today, District Court Judge Timothy Burgess struck down Alaska’s ban on same-sex marriage. A spokesperson for the Parnell administration told KTUU that the state plans to appeal, and a full statement is forthcoming. The Ninth Circuit has set existing precedent supporting Burgess’s ruling and would likely affirm the decision. The state may ask the U.S. Supreme Court to review the ruling, but the high court’s decision last week to deny similar reviews makes that unlikely.

Alaska is set to become the 30th state (plus Washington D.C.) to recognize marriage equality. (Read the full ruling HERE.)

hamby v parnell


  1. Congratulations, Alaskans! We will see if the state wastes more $$$$$$$ on this with a useless appeal to the US Supreme Court. Is the Parnell administration EVER capable of using comma sense when pursuing a legal battle?

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