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KTVA Reporter Drops F-Bomb, Quits on Live TV


Local news is rarely jaw-dropping by design. But when it’s off the script, it’s generally equal parts awesome for the viewers and mortifying for the network. Such was the case for KTVA last night, when 10pm Nightcast viewers unwittingly tuned into an impromptu on air “F-Bomb”-laden “I quit” from reporter Charlo Greene.

With an image of the strain of marijuana called “White Widow” serving as the backdrop, Greene said (totally live):

“Now everything you heard is why I — the actual owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club — will be dedicating all of my energy for fighting for freedom and fairness, which begins with legalizing marijuana here in Alaska. And as for this job, well, not that I have a choice but… fuck it, I quit.”

Absent a full mic drop, Greene simply shrugged and walked off camera without another word. The camera shot back to stunned anchorwoman, Alexis Fernandez, who was quick to offer an apology before shooting to commercial.

Laurel Andrews noted on ADN’s coverage:

Started in April, the Alaska Cannabis Club connects medical marijuana cardholders with other cardholders who are growing cannabis. Growers are offered “donations” as reimbursement for the costs of growing marijuana, the club said in an interview with Alaska Dispatch News in August. The club said it hopes to increase access to medical marijuana patients, despite operating in a legal gray area within Alaska’s murky medical marijuana laws.

Greene’s affiliation the Cannabis Club was unknown to KTVA, by Greene’s own admission. Obvious ethical dilemma, even more obvious responsibility for the network to immediately show her the door, epic way of knowing how to maximize the impact on the part of Greene.

The spectacle immediately began popping up on Youtube accounts, including the popular 907 Gamers group.

Within minutes, Greene’s author page on KTVA was wiped clean. A little before midnight, KTVA tweeted an apology:

“Viewers, we sincerely apologize for the inappropriate language used by a KTVA reporter on the air tonight. The employee has been terminated.”

But not before Twitter marveled in the delight of that which is not supposed to occur:



  1. It’s pathetic when this sort of behavior is celebrated. This is not a vote yes/vote no issue. This is a simple matter of a total lack of class, ethics, and respectability. If she wanted to quit, she could have made an announcement about it and left. Swearing did nothing for her among the civilized crowd (which apparently is shrinking, based on comments I’ve read) Its really ethical for her to have reported on a story, too, without disclosure of interest.

    Thank you, Charlo. While I was most likely going to vote yes before, I have decided that your immature behavior is all too representative of the supporters of legalization. Your comment is a deciding factor; I will be voting no.

    • Everyone who believes that Outraged Grandpa here was a yes vote until a little profanity made him reassess the whole issue, raise your hand.

      Cute flounce, though!

  2. While I don’t want to simply jump on board celebrating this behavior, the station publically lied about her after. “Employee has been terminated”. Is a lie. Specifically “has been”, in that she quit, no one there terminated her.

  3. “I have decided that your immature behavior is all too representative of the supporters of legalization.”
    Typical of the ‘civilized’ crowd. ME! What I say, and what I decide, because there’s a scrap of evidence that echoes my opinion.
    THAT’s the proper way to act.
    How magnificently imperial.
    Way to go on voting to deprive those who’d need it, based on one public person’s pronouncement.
    Bravo civilized people! Your judgement is THE judgement

  4. I would imagine the termination paperwork flew across the desks considerably faster than a verbal, “I quit” did. If she doesn’t provide some paper, then she still technically has a job until she stops showing up, assuming she doesn’t get terminated. It isnt just some idiot walking off the job. She had been reporting on herself, while not revealing that connection until the end. How does a viewer trust anyone at that station after that?

  5. 1943carr Its for sure KTVA is a whole lot better off without her. Its easy to see how she was raised (with lots of ignorance and no class). Steve does quit mean terminated. duh.. .

  6. The footage counts as a perfectly valid resignation letter, ergo, SHE QUIT! she wasn’t “terminated”…Schwarzenegger style. As impossible as time travel.

    Speaking of style, i strongly disagree with Glenn Carr and those who think she lacked of class and knowledge. She “went down” in flames…that’s very cool and stylish to me. She showed character, compromise and smartness so she issued a worldwide statement (by re-posting, via social networks) that helped the cause she’s seeking. The question whether cannabis is good or bad for society and/or for a single human being remains without informed consensus, unlike tobacco or junk food…

    Best regards to everyone from Chile…(you know…the country)

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