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News Roundup: September 19, 2014


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Alaska News

The Alaska Supreme Court has upheld a lower court’s dismissal of a 2011 lawsuit brought against the state by six minors, alleging that the Department of Natural Resources unconstitutionally failed to protect the atmosphere from climate change. [Daily News-Miner]

Wasilla police identify officer who fatally shot Michael Bonty last Monday. [ADN]

BP Alaska announced that it plans to lay off 275 employees and contractors early next year in connection with its sale of interests in four North Slope oil fields to Hilcorp. [Daily News-Miner]

Uber, a taxi alternative popular in cities around the world, launched in Anchorage yesterday and is offering free rides for the next week. [Alaska Commons]

A poll conducted last weekend shows Walker beating Parnell for the first time, but also found that nearly a third of respondents remain unsure of how they will vote in November. [Alaska Commons]


Higher Education

A senior at Columbia University is taking her mattress to class every day until her rapist leaves the school, and other students are showing solidarity by helping her carry the mattress and protesting with their own mattresses. [Jezebel]

Urban Outfitters has continued its tradition of poor taste by selling a vintage Kent State sweatshirt with what appears to be blood stains and bullet holes. The company claims that the stains and holes are “discoloration” and “natural wear and fray” [BoingBoing]

Two organizations are petitioning the Texas Board of Education to remove anti-climate change propaganda from approved social studies, economics, and geography textbooks in the state. [The Mary Sue]


Party Politics

The Kansas Supreme Court ordered the Kansas Secretary of State to allow Chad Taylor, the state’s Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, to withdraw his name from the ballot, making it a two-way race between the Republican incumbent and an independent challenger. Sound familiar? [POLITICO]

Political scientists at Brown University have found that “to a small but significant degree,” people prefer the body odor of politically like-minded potential mates. [Washington Post]


Everything Else

L.A. County hopes a new program, diverting mentally ill, low-level offenders to treatment programs in lieu of prison sentences, will transform the county’s justice system. [LA Times]

The Sultan of Brunei is not winning a lot of awards or public opinion bounces after his new law, which legalizes the stoning of LGBT Bruneians. The Australian Football League decided to weigh in, cutting their ties with the state’s airline company. [Out Traveler]

Scientists have discovered that what we think of as schizophrenia is actually eight distinct disorders. [IFL Science]

The Colombian women’s cycling team has the most awkward looking uniforms ever. [Mashable]