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News Roundup: August 22, 2014


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Alaska News

There was a primary election this week, and if you’re a little confused about what happened, you’re not alone. Never fear, though – we’ve got an explanation. [Alaska Commons]

NPR explores why the Alaska State Fair features “freakish” huge vegetables – and uses a reindeer for scale. [National Public Radio]

State health officials are investigating a possible outbreak of botulism in the Yukon-Kuszkokwim Delta, after one person died and two others fell ill following a shared meal of fermented fish heads. [Alaska Dispatch News]

A Value Village store in Anchorage was evacuated after a forklift accidentally punctured a donated can of bear spray. [Alaska Dispatch News]


The Other 49

California is in a massive drought right now, which has helped reveal how backwards its water policy is: the state has given away rights to five times more water than it actually has. [ClimateProgress]

Four teenage siblings in Georgia responded to the crisis in Ferguson, Missouri by creating a Yelp-like app to let people rate their interactions with police. [Citylab]

A man in San Antonio, Texas caught an 809-pound tiger shark, and donated some of it to feed people experiencing homelessness in Corpus Christi. [San Antonio Express-News]

A new study from the University of Cincinnati found that nearly 20 percent of Americans – in red and blue states – don’t know that first trimester abortions are  legal in the United States. [Feministing]



Corey Griffin, one of the pioneers of the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge,” passed away last week after a diving accident. [E!]

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that Robin Williams will be memorialized in World of Warcraft. [CraveOnline]

The mother of a teenager who took his own life last year recently found out that some of his organ donations were rejected because he was gay. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]


Everything Else

A thirteen-year-old pitcher just became the first girl to win a game at the Little League World Series. [Mashable]

Ever want to sleep in an IKEA store? Thanks to Airbnb, you have a chance now – but only if you can get to Australia. [Consumerist]