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The Rock says he’s going to be a part of DC Comics’ Shazam, but is not sure who he wants to be.

4023980-3799778-cap+and+adamSource: Slashfilm.com

A couple of weeks ago, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was interviewed by Youtube Channel, Total Film, and revealed that not only was he in talks with Warner Bros. and DC Comics about an upcoming role for them, but said that the role could be summed up into one word.

It’s obviously Shazam.

This has been all cleared up. While promoting Hercules, The Rock confirmed with Associated Press that he will be starring in Warner Bros. adaptation but wouldn’t reveal who he’ll be playing.

Shazam is based around a young boy named Billy Batson who — upon yelling the magical word “Shazam” — is bestowed with the powers of six mystical heroes: Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury. Get it? Clever.

Usually it would be simple to guess the Rock’s role, but the problem is that there are two characters that say the mystical word, hero Billy Batson and villain Black Adam.

I’m sure we’ll hear something more soon.


The Warner Bros. adaptation of The Jungle Book finds its cast. Not to be confused with Disney’s live action adaptation.


Photo from hidefdiscnews.com
Photo from hidefdiscnews.com

Source: The Hollywood Reporter.

Warner Bros. is working on an adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. Disney is also working on an adaptation of The Jungle Book. But, today, let’s just talk The Warner Bros. version.

Benedict Cumberbatch (Shere Khan), Christian Bale (Bagheera), Cate Blanchett (Kaa), Naomie Harris (Nisha), Tom Hollander (Tabaqui), Eddie Marsan (Vihaan) and Peter Mullan (Akela) have joined the cast, with Andy Serkis directing. Serkis will also be voicing Baloo the Bear. The film will employ motion capture, CG animation, and live action, and is slated to hit theaters on October 21, 2016 — a year almost to the day after the Disney version.


Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur has been reworked from the ground up. John Lithgow now says it’s great.


Source: IGN.com

The Good Dinosaur has had a bit of a rocky past.

Originally slated for a 2014 release, Pixar relieved co-director Bob Peterson due to story problems, a pushed back production date, and five percent of the workforce being laid off.

Moved to November 25, 2015, Pixar hasn’t made clear the changes, nor have they previewed how much was changed from its original premise.

In a interview with Collider.com, John Lithgow, who voices a fatherly dinosaur, discussed that some major changes were made.

“I recorded the entire role in Good Dinosaur. They have now dismantled it and completely reimagined it, and it is a fantastic new story,” Lithgow told Collider. “So I’m gonna record again on it within the next month. Don’t worry. It’s coming and it’s gonna be better than I ever imagined.”

The last time anyone saw footage was at Disney’s 2013 D23 event and it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if we hear something by the next D23.


First look of Paul Rudd as Scott Lang in Marvel’s Ant-Man.



Nice eyebrow ring, bra.



Star Wars: Rebels Release Date Announced.

Source: IGN.com

While fans are waiting for Star Wars: Episode 7, our first glimpse into a post Disney/Star Wars world will be Disney’s new animated TV show, Star Wars: Rebels.

A successor to fan favorite Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Rebels is set five years before the events of the original Star Wars film, A New Hope.

The one-hour premier will début first at WatchdisneyXD.com and the Watch Disney XD app on September 29th and then on The Disney Channel on October 3rd. It will start airing regularly on October 13th on Disney XD.

The voice cast includes Freddie Prinze Jr, Vanessa Marshall, Steve Blum, Tiya Sircar, Taylor Gray, David Oyelowo and Jason Isaacs.


Wonder Woman to Play Mockingbird in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Source: Entertainment Weekly

Friday Night Lights Actress Adrianne Palicki has been tapped to play Bobbi Morse, A.K.A Mockingbird, for the upcoming season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

This isn’t Palicki’s first shot as a superhero. She also starred in the title role of 2011’s ill-fated Wonder Woman TV show. If you have a chance to find it, do and try to forget it.

Season two of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. starts September 23.


Comics Marvel “Reveals” Variant Cover for Upcoming Spider-Woman #1.


With Marvel making great strides as of late, this is a little sad to see. European artist Milo Manara is the artist behind the cover, and is known for sexually charged artwork. There is nothing wrong with that. But this just reeks of laziness and pandering.

Being a variant, it’s not like this is going to be something most readers are going to see, but come on Marvel, you’re better than this.


Online Barely Legal Pawn, feat. Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

I guess this is an advertisement for the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards, but instead of the awards show, can we just get more of these shorts?