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Take Me Home Tonight: Adoptable Pets from Alaska Shelters- Unusual Pets Edition


Every week we feature adoptable pets from across Alaska. To the best of our knowledge, each pet is still available, and we encourage you to follow the links to find out more about these animals and the shelters that are caring for them.

Every shelter has one or two oddballs that don’t fit in with the rest of the cats and dogs. An occasional rabbit here, turtle there, or a slinky ferret off in the corner. This week, we decided to highlight the animals that don’t get as much attention but deserve forever homes just as much as the popular kids do. We hope you find just the unusual pet you have been looking for!


Anchorage Animal Care and Control


Fuzzy, playful and curious, this little guy loves people. He will happily sit in your lap, likes attention and petting, and nibbling on apples. Very friendly, and as cute as they come!

Just look at that face! Make that face one you come home to everyday by learning more HERE.


Fairbanks North Star Borough Animal Control


Not much information share about this little fella. He is a small white rat with mesmerizing red eyes. If this is your sort of companion, learn how to take him home HERE! Pretty sure he has several friends at the shelter so feel free to take home more than one.



Also not a lot to share about this fuzzy wuzzy little grey bunny. He is a medium sized young male looking to be cared for by a kind rabbit lover. If that is you, go HERE.


Gastineau Humane Society (Juneau)

Lil' Bunny Fufu
Lil’ Bunny Fufu

This is a sweet one year old female Rex. Not sure why she has a cone around her neck, but feel free to inquire about it HERE.

Loving Companions Animal Rescue Inc. (North Pole)

Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet

These sweet little parakeets are a pretty pair but they can be adopted together or separately. Hopefully these star crossed lovers will be able to avoid any tragic endings. Learn how to grace your home with some bird love HERE!