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Anchorage Makers Turn Out for 2nd Annual Faire [+GALLERY]


Anchorage Mini Maker Faire 2014 (11)The organizers of Anchorage’s Mini Maker Faire have lucked out with the weather for two years in a row. Despite the competitive draw of the Arctic Thunder Air Show, Saturday’s sun (and possibly the lure of robots) brought out droves of inventors, hobbyists, artists, and families to the Loussac Library.

Sights included a 20+ foot cardboard replica of the Seattle Space Needle, a travel trailer-turned-rocketship, and an interactive display of computer styles gone-by (including a set-up to play the original Pac-Man game). Inside the bottom floor of the library, Anchorage Makerspace members demonstrated an array of 3D printers while engineers showed off personally-built robots.

Outside, the Alaska Creative Woodworkers Association provided nails, hammers, and wood pieces that seemed like one of the most popular activities for younger attendees. It turns out that kids really like to hit things with hammers.

Maker Faire committee member Dale Rooney said events like this are valuable for Anchorage, because it inspires kids to create and see others creating. “We live in a city created by makers,” Rooney explained. “Just calling the movement a ‘maker movement’ brings people together, makes people think about it in a different way. So, it has an impact on education and entrepreneurship and innovation across the board. It’s good for Anchorage.”

Rooney said plans for next year’s maker faire will likely start soon. Until then, he said “I’m just happy things worked out as well as they did.”

[Photographer Credit: John Aronno. The full gallery can be found on the Alaska Commons flickr page.]