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News Roundup: July 18, 2014


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Think the border crisis doesn’t affect us? It does. Budget cuts could lead to a lot less federal money for Anchorage’s Refugee Assistance and Immigration Services program. [ALASKA DISPATCH NEWS]

And it shall be the greatest fire ever seen by northerners. A Juneau duo paid homage to the book and HBO series Game of Thrones and then, in full George R.R. Martin ‘s style, burned it to the ground. The Internet was totally into it. [JUNEAU EMPIRE]

Want 10 reasons not to live in Alaska? Here they are. Though, honestly, most people who live here would find a handful of the examples reasons why one should live here. And, yes, she made the list. [MADCOW]

The U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee approved a bill aimed at preventing the EPA from blocking the Pebble Mine project. It’s chances of making it through the Senate are slim to none, but it keeps Northern Dynasty’s dimming hopes alive for now. [MCCLATCHY]

After a string of inmate deaths in state, legislators held a hearing to consider a third party, independent review. [JUNEAU EMPIRE]

Smartphone users will now have access to Anchorage People Mover through Google Maps. We’re pretty sure this will result in less travel routes ended on tarmacs. We hope. Maybe? [ALASKA DISPATCH NEWS]

A pontoon plane narrowly avoided a humback whale while landing in Angoon. The pilot, a San Diego business man, dramatically pulled up at the last minute as the whale blows up spray on the plane’s windshield. [YOUTUBE]



Israel began a ground assault of Gaza Strip yesterday. Heavy artillery fire and ground troops followed a short cease-fire. [THE NEW YORK TIMES]

Massive tax cuts in Kansas has created deficit spending unprecedented in the state’s history. The “pro-growth” strategy enacted by Gov. Sam Brownback in 2012 seems to have limited said growth to the debt sector. [THE NEW YORK TIMES]

Strangers with candy. The Ku Klux Klan has taken to going door to door in Oconee County, South Carolina, asking people to “Be a man join the Klan!” [FOX CAROLINA]

Michael Sulsona is a Vietnam veteran who lost both his legs after stepping on a landmine. He was waiting for the Veteran Affairs office to replace his broken wheelchair for two years. The wheelchair finally collapsed altogether in the middle of a Lowe’s store in Staten Island, New York. The store’s employees did what the VA office wouldn’t. [SILIVE]

A federal court judge in California has ruled that the death penalty violates the Constitution’s 8th Amendment. The decision vacated the death sentence of the suit’s petitioner, Ernest Dewayne Jones. Jones would have been the first Californian executed by the state since 2006. [HUFFINGTON POST]

Among the 280 passengers on board a Malaysia Airlines passenger plane that was shot down Wednesday night were 23 Americans. The Boeing 777 is suspected to have been hit by missile fire over Ukrainian airspace. [ALTERNET]


News of the Weird.

A sunny day at the beach, escaping 100+ degree weather, turned into a nightmare from the sky for these Russians. [TIME]

A mysterious, 250-foot crater has appeared in Siberia’s Yamal peninsula. Although some are jumping to UFOs as a likely explanation, scientists are concerned that melting permafrost and the subsequent rapid release of gas is the more likely culprit. [ALTERNET]

Buzzfeed compiled an eyebrow-raising list of signs that raise more questions than answers. Hide your kids, hide your wife. [BUZZFEED]

How bad did Germany beat Brazil in the World Cup semi-finals? Well, it was bad enough that adult website “Pornhub” noticed an upload to their “public humiliation” category entitled, “Young Brazillians get f**ked by entire German soccer team.” Ouch. [RT]

Want to see the most honest (fake) candidate in this year’s midterm elections? Here he is. “I’m Gil Fulbright, and for the right price, I’ll approve any message.” [UPWORTHY]