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Public Transportation Romance?

Photo by David Mican, Creative Commons License.

There’s this older couple who ride the bus most days.

They are possibly second career folks or just on the verge of retirement. Every day that they ride the bus, they sit next to each other and read for the first few minutes of the ride and then tend to fall asleep. Her first, against his shoulder, and then him. Usually she laces her arm through his as she leans her head on his shoulder and falls into a perfectly content and restful sleep.

You can tell they are content with their lives. No one who isn’t content can sleep that peacefully on a crowded bus.

On those rare days when they can’t sit next to each other they are visibly uncomfortable.

It’s quite sweet to see. I love the fact that the bus allows such tender moments to occur. One certainly can’t do that while driving a personal vehicle. Though I suppose some people try.

I think this illustrates just how relaxing taking the bus can be.

I don’t know from the PeopleMover, but on the Valley Mover in general all the riders have a sense of who is who and what is what. The riders are, if not friendly to one another, trusting of each other and the drivers. Nary a morning goes by when the bulk of my fellow passengers don’t get a nap in on the way to work. Same in the afternoons.

We trust that our fellow passengers won’t try to swipe something from us, that the driver will stay on the road, and that we’ll arrive on time and safe. It makes for a comfortable transportation situation.

No, it’s not always perfect. Sometimes it is hot and crowded. Anytime there is a new regular people have to get used to the addition and all that goes along with change. Sometimes it’s a bit smelly — if you have an egg salad for lunch, try to not take the bus.


But for the most part it is just a bunch of people who are working for a living, who realize that they can’t drive their personal vehicles for what it costs to take the bus, and who appreciate leaving the stress of commuting to someone else.

Heck, some might just ride the bus so that they have a few extra minutes a day to spend together in dream land.