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News Roundup: June 6, 2014


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Election materials in Alaska must be translated into Native languages for voters with limited English skills. A federal judge said so, after a lawsuit was filed against Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell and other state election officials. [ALASKA DAILY NEWSPATCH]

Congressman for All Alaska, Don Young, would like to keep the government out of your marijuana. An amendment he authored, which would prevent the feds from interfering with state medical marijuana laws, was approved as part of a $51.2 billion budget bill. And it passed the U.S. House. [ALASKA DAILY NEWSPATCH]

The Fairbanks North Star Borough School District is considering approving a new policy focused on preventing sexualviolence. The policy, “Erin’s Law,” is named after Erin Merryn. Merryn is a sexual abuse survivor who has been touring the country, appealing to legislatures to pass laws requiring schools to teach age appropriate sexual abuse and assault awareness. If that sounds familiar, it’s because she was just here, delivering said appeal to the Alaska State Legislature (read about that here), which promptly ignored her. [NEWSMINER]

Extry, extry! Local girl done good! 24 year old Palmer resident, Angelica “Angel” Remaley has earned a Fulbright Scholarship and will be headed to Germany to work as a teaching assistant. [FRONTIERSMAN]



Last week, a plane was forced to make a pit stop in Kansas city while journeying from Los Angeles to its intended destination of Philadelphia, after a service dog failed to sit on it, and emptied its bowels mid flight. It seems like there should be some sort of protocol for this. [CONSUMERIST]

One year to the day from when Seattle fast-food workers walked off the job and went on strike, the Seattle City Council has passed a compromise bill that would raise the minimum wage to $15. [THE STRANGER]

Having a child makes men become women. All of Jim Minnery’s nightmares are TRUE! … Well, okay, not really. But a new study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences does find that fathers caring for offspring do experience changes in neural networks. But that contains the words “science,” so we’re probably already off of Minnery’s radar. [LATIMES]

What is, and how does one have, an evidence-based pregnancy? It’s complicated. And fascinating. And you’ll never look at a 3-D printer the same way again. [BOINGBOING]

A Canadian teen decided to object after she and classmates — accused of the horrible crime of wearing shorts — were publicly shamed for breaking the school’s dress code, which was apparently written by a Carmelite nun from the thirteenth century. [JEZEBEL]

Organizers of the “World Naked Bike Ride,” which features waves of bikers wearing nothing but helmets and shoes, say that the events (held in 74 cities in 17 different countries) are done “in the name of protesting against the oil-based economy.” Right. Parents in Portland, Oregon are complaining, but the police are meeting their objections with a shrug, and advise concerned parents to “pull the shades down and put their kids to bed.” Ride on, ye heroes of the environment. [HUFFINGTON POST]


Things that Really Happened.

Want to keep the Antichrist out of your milk? One Russian dairy company thinks they’ve figured out the solution. Just cross out the bar code. That’ll show ’em! [JEZEBEL]

Oh, and Don’t Feed the Homeless. Coming to a Los Angeles near you. [SIGNS OF THE TIMES]

Life imitating art? Or, nonfictional authoritarian regimes imitating fictional authoritarian regimes? The Thai military would like you to keep those three fingers where the military can see them, please. And Orwell deserves all the royalty checks. [VICE NEWS]

V. Stiviano, the girlfriend at the heart of the Donald Sterling controversy, was beaten by two men in New York, while they screamed “disgusting slurs.” Because that’s how one proves that Sterling is the real victim… [CBS LOS ANGELES]

Two 12-year old Wisconsin girls decided to prove a fictional internet character, called Slenderman, was real by stabbing a friend 19 times. [RAWSTORY]

An Alabama group that goes by the name Life-Savers Ministries, which “provides Biblically-based activities for children coming from at-risk areas” decided to erect a billboard aimed at promoting education… by quoting Hitler. Jane, stop this crazy thing. [HUFFINGTON POST]

And a 31 year old “Cougar Hunter” has decided to up his game and become a “Fossil Hunter.” Call your grandma and remind her you love her. And tell her to stay inside.


One Last Thing…

Last week on Last Week with John Oliver, John Oliver did something really cool. You should watch it.