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News Roundup: May 30, 2014


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Alaska News

HAARP, the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (located near Gakona, Alaska) is either a Cold War-inspired research site that has long searched for a purpose, or a weather-controlling death beam – depends who you ask. Either way, it’s being dismantled this summer. [io9]

Five adorable wolf pups were rescued from the Kenai wildfire and are being cared for at the Alaska Zoo. [Anchorage Daily Newspatch]

The Anchorage Press published a comprehensive timeline of the struggle for LGBTQ equality in Alaska, from 1972 to the present. [Anchorage Press]

The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services is sounding the alarm about a growing increase in syphilis cases in the state. [Anchorage Daily Newspatch]

An Alaska Airlines jet and a smaller cargo plane came within 1/4 mile of each other over Fire Island on Tuesday, which the NTSB is investigating as a “near miss” incident. [Alaska Dispatch]


Outside News

Seminole High School in Oklahoma tried to block one of its students (who is an actual member of the Seminole Nation) from wearing a feather and beadwork on his graduation cap, on the grounds that decorating caps was not allowed – particularly ironic since the school’s mascot is a chieftain wearing a feather headdress. The student ignored them and proudly wore his feather and beads at graduation anyway. [Jezebel]

Female students at a Utah high school were upset to discover that some of their yearbook photos were digitally altered to raise necklines and cover shoulders. [WGHP North Carolina]

An openly gay Republican state representative in Pennsylvania lost the Republican primary on Tuesday, but won the Democratic primary as a write-in. [The Bilerico Project]

The city of Irwindale, California has dropped its lawsuit against the manufacturer of Sriracha, saying that it has reached an agreement with the company and that its factory is no longer a public nuisance. [Consumerist]


Everything Else

MGM and Warner Brothers have announced a reboot of the Stargate franchise with three new movies, directed by Roland Emmerich and produced by Dean Devlin. [io9]