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News Roundup: May 23, 2014



Two large wildfires rage on in South Central Alaska. KTUU is providing live updates as firefighters put their lives on the line to put them out. Godspeed. [KTUU]

Additionally, the Alaska Interagency Coordination Center have up-to-the-minute GIS maps tabulating all fires, their sizes, cost, and other information. [AFSMAPS]

Four years ago, Alaska’s farmers markets implemented a debit card system that allows food stamp recipients to purchase fresh, locally grown produce. The program has been a wild and growing success. [ALASKA DAILY NEWSPATCH]

In state legislative news, can we start requiring expert witnesses appearing before the legislature to testify under oath now? Because, apparently, they tend to lie if we don’t. And when they lie and get away with it, important bills die in committee. That’s stupid. [ALASKA DAILY NEWSPATCH]

Click v. Dick! Nope, Dick quit. [ALASKA DAILY NEWSPATCH]

Marty McGee used to work for the State Assessment Review Board, which is tasked with assessing the value of the TransAlaska pipeline. He assessed, Governor Parnell didn’t like his findings, and removed him. In response, lifelong Republican McGee has switched to the Democratic Party, and is now running for office. [ALASKA PUBLIC]

Forrest Dunbar is running for Don Young’s Congress seat. That’s a bit of an uphill battle, given Young’s 20-0 record after assuming office in 1973. So, Dunbar is taking to the internet to garner support. Thus, here’s this week in candidates shooting things. [YOUTUBE]

Meanwhile, the GOP candidates vying to square off against Senator Mark Begich are in a fierce competition to prove who knows the least about climate change. Because that’s helpful. [THINK PROGRESS]


The Lower 48 and Beyond

This is the appropriate way to respond when a customer tells a restaurant server to “show more skin.” [JEZEBEL]

Russian overlord Vladimir Putin signed a deal this week with China to bypass the U.S. dollar and pay each other in domestic currencies. The move is largely symbolic, but hints at future moves to create a coalition independent of the almighty U.S. dollar. [SCGNEWS]

Ever been photobombed by a pregnant sea turtle during your wedding? You’re missing out. [JEZEBEL]

What did Walt Disney really want Disneyland to look like? Thanks to an anonymous benefactor, now we know. The original Disneyland prospectus was purchased at an auction and promptly put online for all to see. And it’s fascinating. [BOING BOING]

Are you still watching Game of Thrones on HBO? Corey Atad is, but he says the magic is gone, post-Red Wedding. I couldn’t agree more, but Facebook yelled at me when I said so. So I’m saying so again. [PAJIBA]

A little iron fish used during cooking is helping millions of Cambodians who suffer from anemia. Good job, little fish. Good job. [BOING BOING]

The U.S. House Appropriations Committee approved a fiscal year 2015 funding bill that will not make life easier on the nation’s homeless. [CENTER ON BUDGET AND POLICY PRIORITIES]

And in the upper chamber, the Senate is hard at work on an agriculture appropriations bill called the “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act,” but which critics have rebranded the “Hungry, Healthy-Free Kids Act.” [SLATE]

Hundreds of fast food workers protesting outside of MCDonald’s corporate headquarters were arrested this week. The protests are part of a global movement to increase minimum wage laws. [DAILY KOS]

And then there was one. Six couples have filed a federal lawsuit in South Dakota challenging the state’s ban on same-sex marriages. That leaves their neighbor of the same name to the north as the last state in the country with a thus-far unchallenged prohibition on marriage equality. [JOE.MY.GOD]


News of the “Just Shut Up Already”

Wheel of Fortune host, Pat Sajak, should stick to his day job. His comprehension of climate change suggests the wheel is spinning, but the hamster is dead. [HUFFINGTON POST]

‘Duck Dynasty’ patriarch, Phil Robertson, clarified his controversial statements about homosexuality during a fire and brimstone sermon on Easter Sunday. It doesn’t get better. Have fun at the fair, jackass. [TMZ]

Gwyneth Paltrow thinks that parenting is harder for extremely wealthy actresses, and Alicia Silverstone thinks the jury is still out on vaccinations. Once again proving that rich people hold all the truths in the world and we should live our lives according to their wisdom. [PAJIBA]