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Take Me Home Tonight: Adoptable Pets from Alaska Shelters


Every week we feature adoptable pets from across Alaska. To the best of our knowledge, each pet is still available, and we encourage you to follow the links to find out more about these animals and the shelters that are caring for them.


Bethel Friends of Canines


Commander is around 5 years old. He is doing very well in our care. What a lover! He is very sweet, and so responsive to care. He’s very strong/muscular broad backed. No aggression at all around other dogs, loves to eat and run/walk. Don’t know how he is with kids yet.

Commander would love to find his forever family so learn more HERE.


Daisy Acres Critter Services (Two Rivers)


Chuck was live-trapped as a feral cat in Delta Junction. He and another tom cat (much larger) were having turf wars. Both cats were trapped and neutered. Chuck probably wasn’t ever really a feral cat, and if he was, he certainly isn’t now! He was pretty beat up, and he’s still got frostbit ears and white ticking in his fur from all his battle scars. But his coat is thick and healthy and he’s always on a diet because he is rather a chunky fellow.

Chuck is an interesting fella and there is a lot more to learn about him HERE!


Fairbanks North Star Borough Animal Shelter


Poppy is a mouse. If you like mice, you will like Poppy.

If Poppy is the mouse of your dreams, go HERE to take her home (all snake owners need not apply).


Peninsula Unwanted Pets Society (Anchorage)


Gizmo came to us with some birth defects, he is missing some of his back teeth so his tongue hangs out and his left front leg is deformed. Gizmo does not let this slow him down though as he hangs with the other fosters and gets along just fine. He is full of spunk and spirit. Adult only home.

We would be so thrilled if Gizmo found a forever home with one of you! Please learn more about him HERE.


Southeast Alaska Organization for Animals (Ward Cove)


Lark is a five month old DSH tortoiseshell kitty. She tends to be shy around strangers, but loves to explore and to snuggle. She has been fostered around medium and large dogs, and is unfazed most of the time. She has grown up around a wide range of feline personalities and adapts well to other cats, although she doesn’t seek out their company. Lark has a huge purr for such a dainty, lady-like little girl!

Isn’t this kitty gorgeous? Bring her home by learning more HERE.



  1. Thank you for promoting homeless pets! It has been such an uphill battle especially here in Anchorage. Anchorage Animal Care and Control killed almost 1000 cats in a 10 month period last year. That statistic is sickening. Granted many were feral, sick, injured etc.. But never the less an atrocious amount.It really is just horribly sad. One group I support is Clear Creek Cat Rescue.org. They rescue cats on the euthanasia ( to be killed) list at Matsu Animal Control, put them in volunteer foster homes, then bring them to adoption events throughout Anchorage and the Matsu Valley. All of their Cats are neutered/spayed, up to date on shots and microchipped. They also have a guarantee to take back any Cat that does not fit in a family too. Just wanted to give a shout out to this wonderful group walking their talk. My family is owned by a total of 3 rescue cats from Matsu and Anchorage Animal Control !

  2. Thank you for the comment Jan. We often feature CCCR and all the many wonderful organizations across the state as often as we can. If you ever know of a pet who needs special attention in our weekly post, please send it our way!