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News Roundup: May 2, 2014.


News Roundup


The Alaska Press Club conference was held last weekend, bringing together journalists and publishers from across the state. Seward City News has a great write-up of the event, and Alaska Commons was honored to bring home several awards from the weekend. [Seward City News, Alaska Commons]

The nation’s top two most diverse counties are both in Alaska: the Aleutians West Census Area and Aleutians East Borough.  (Ironically, neither is actually a county). [The Atlantic]

A new report issued by the National Research Council looks at what challenges and questions need to be asked as the world moves forward into a new era where humans and our activities are driving change in the status of the Arctic. [Alaska Dispatch]

The U.S. Department of the Interior is considering taking some tribal lands into trust, which would establish sovereign pockets of “Indian country” within which tribal courts and governments would have sole jurisdiction. [Anchorage Daily Newspatch]

The Alaska State Fair has booked the stars of Duck Dynasty to headline its concert stage on August 30th. [Daily News-Miner]



A very concerned Idahoan called the police because a high school student was passing out copies of a book that had recently been banned by the school board. [Jezebel]

Idaho must be on a roll this week, because that state’s veterans cemetery is rejecting a woman’s request to be buried with her wife because the state does not recognize their marriage as valid. Another veteran has publicly offered to donate his plot in the cemetery so that the two can be buried together, but it’s not clear whether that will be possible. [Jezebel]

Labor and business leaders in Seattle have brokered a deal with the mayor’s office that will increase the city’s minimum wage to $15 in the coming years. [Think Progress]

A federal judge ruled that Wisconsin’s voter ID law violates the Fourteenth Amendment and the Voting Rights Act. [New York Times]

The city of Minneapolis announced that starting this October, it will recognize Indigenous People’s Day when most other places are celebrating Columbus Day. [The Atlantic]


Canada’s Got Issues, Too

A woman in Ottawa who killed a 17-year-old cyclist is now suing the dead boy’s parents for ”great pain and suffering,” “a severe shock to her system” and negative effects to “her enjoyment of life.” It’s not immediately clear whether this is a legal tactic (the parents are suing the driver and the county), or if the driver is just a terrible person. [Streetsblog USA]

Speaking of Ottawa, Rob Ford, the now-infamous mayor of Toronto, has taken a leave of absence after a second set of videos was released apparently showing him smoking crack cocaine. [Al Jazeera]


National News

Congress is considering legislation, backed by the airline industry, that would reverse the 2012 Department of Transportation regulations that require taxes and fees to be included in the advertised price of a plane ticket. Because having the price jump $50 when you get to the payment screen is totally consumer-friendly. [Consumerist]

The U.S. Department of Education issued guidance formally stating that the civil rights of transgender students are protected under the sex discrimination prohibitions of Title IX. [MSNBC]

The Los Angeles Clippers lost virtually all of their sponsors after a new audiotape reminded everyone that the team’s owner was a racist jerk. Now that the NBA has banned him for life, many of those sponsors are returning. [Buzzfeed]


Everything Else

If you have an iPhone 5 and are having issues with your wake/sleep button, Apple has a replacement program that may be of use to you. [TUAW]

MTV has partnered with a number of civil rights organizations to launch a multi-year campaign they’re calling “Look Different,” focused on helping young people counter racism, sexism, and anti-LGBT bias. [Broadway World]

An Australian startup sells grilled sandwiches online and delivers them via parachute to a waiting crowd at a prearranged location. It’s like a secret food truck, but with parachutes. [Consumerist]

A Turkish designer has created a 3D-printed cast that uses ultrasound to heal bones up to 40% faster, and looks pretty slick to boot. [The Telegraph]