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News Roundup: April 25, 2014


Alaska News

Sports coaches from across the state convened in Juneau this week to learn how to talk to their teams about domestic violence and sexual assault. [Juneau Empire]

The fact that Alaska’s November ballot will include both a marijuana legalization initiative and a minimum wage increase could make it much more likely that Democrats keep control of the U.S. Senate for the next two years. [MSNBC]

Mental Floss made a map of the most famous book set in every state. Unfortunately, we’re nationally recognized for a guy who got himself killed in a bus. [Mental Floss]


Albany, Calif. has agreed to a legal settlement in which the city will pay 28 homeless people $3000 each to leave the area where they’ve been living and stay away for at least a year. [SFGate]

The mayor of Peoria, Ill. didn’t like the fact that someone created a parody Twitter account about him, so he sent seven police officers to arrest its creator and raid the guy’s house. So much for free speech. [Chicagoist]

In an ill-advised PR stunt, the New York Police Department launched a Twitter campaign asking users to ‘tweet a photo with an NYPD officer’ using the hashtag #myNYPD. What they got was a lot of pictures of police brutality, and the backlash inspired similar hashtags for LA, Chicago, and Albuquerque. [Mashable]

Walmart announced plans to start selling marijuana in Washington and Colorado. Hopefully it’s not cheap knockoffs from overseas. [National Report] (satire).

National Issues

Oil and gas companies stand to lose as much as $20 trillion if the tide starts to turn against their business model. The last time any group gave up assets like that was when slavery was abolished in 1865 – and it took a bloody civil war to get that status quo changed. [The Nation]

The gap in life expectancy between rich and poor in America is growing, and women are faring far worse than men. [Feministing]

Cow-milking robots – some of which look suspiciously like miniature Daleks – are becoming a popular investment at dairy farms across the country. [New York Times]

Officials at the Veteran’s Affairs hospital in Phoenix have reportedly been using a “secret waiting list” to hide the fact that patients often have to wait months to see a doctor. At least 40 patients have died waiting for appointments at the hospital, many of whom were on that list. [CNN]

A team of Australian researchers say that when beards become too popular, they become less attractive – and we may have reached “peak beard.” [Washington Post]

Sovaldi, a “remarkably effective” new drug that can cure some forms of Hepatitis C in just twelve weeks, has broken new drug usage records since its launch in December. It has also made massive profits for its manufacturer, Gilead, largely due to the fact that the pill costs $1000 per day. [NPR]