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Dems Make a Funny with “End of Session Quiz”


Having a bit of fun at their political opponents’ (self inflicted) expense, the Alaska Democratic Party released an “#AKLeg End of Session Quiz: War on Women Edition” Wednesday evening. 

The quiz highlights some of the more outlandish quotes made by members of the Majority, and asks participants to “match up the statement with the speaker”. While the topic itself isn’t chuckleworthy, and the legislation tied to the comments is downright contemptible, it’s worth making the point that so many offensive comments were made (by more than one person) over the course of a single 90-day session that one could — and did — make a game out of it.

The bad news: even if you get all the answers right, we all lose.

The Dems included an answer key, but we’ll let you guess. Or, you can retrace our coverage to piece it all together.

Give it a try, see how abreast (sorry, Rep. Hughes) of current #akleg shenanigans you are:

akleg end of session quiz-dems

BONUS QUESTION: Who received credit for inaugurating “the new Alaska War on Women?”

How’d you do?