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Pitch Perfect Parody: “Students With A Voice” Takes on Gavel Alaska, State Legislature


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Satire is hard to do. Especially good satire.

Especially-times-two when the attempted-satirist is trying to portray a subject that nine out of ten people have never heard of, wouldn’t have any interest in if they had, and who just wish to change the channel back to “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” — which is the saddest form of satire out there; the form that lacks self awareness.

Especially-times-infinity when some high school student pulls off the masterpiece you had always kind of pictured when you thought about what the perfect Alaska State Legislature parody might look like.

Tonight, a group calling themselves “Students With A Voice” posted a video to youtube that captured Gavel Alaska coverage of the “Education Session” in a way that deserves awards. I’m not sure which ones. All of them, probably.

And they have a facebook page. They describe themselves as a “[m]ovement of Alaskan students standing up for public education and giving their peers a voice”:

Like this page if you want to be apart of this movement. Kids from all over Alaska are working together to get their voices heard. We are supporting the efforts to increase the base student allocation to compensate for massive inflation. Bottom line is to give students a voice in encouraging legislators to increase the educational budget and say no to public funds going to private schools[.] We must invest in our future, we are worth it.

The video starts off with the introduction of “Grovel to Grovel Alaska,” brought to you by the ACME Private Prisons Company (“a proud opponent of education funding”) and the Foundation for High School Dropouts (“asking all Alaskans, ‘would you like fries with that?'”).

In what is certainly the most productive use of the Anchorage Assembly chambers in recent history, it just gets better from there.

Now watch this. Seriously.