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TEDx Anchorage: Alaskan Speakers Will Talk About Fun


Ideas. We all have “Eureka!” light bulb moments. Epiphanies – moments where we stumble upon an idea so great that we wonder why no one has thought of it before, and why no one else is talking about it. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a forum, for you to share your idea? A place where you can get that conversation started? Lightbulb.png

There is. TED started as a technology conference in 1984 but has blown up into an  enthusiastic and viral platform which has shared thousands of ideas from a wide scope of perspectives.

If you’ve already heard of TED, seen some of the videos online (many are available on Netflix), or attended an event, you are already familiar with their mission of sharing ideas. You may not realize there is an offshoot – TEDx – bringing voices in your own community out to talk for a few minutes on ideas they would like to share.

Anchorage will have an opportunity to see a TEDx event this Saturday, March 29, in Anchorage at the Wilda Marston Theatre at the Z.J. Loussac Library. If you are unable to attend this free event, watch it streaming on the interwebs.

A full day of speakers, videos and performances are lined up to get people connected to and thinking about fun things. Literally. The speakers all have a loosely defined task to speak on the topic of  ‘Community Reimagined – Harnessing the Power of Fun’. Tackling parks, poetry and pets a variety of Alaskan residents join the legion of TED voices speaking out to share big, fresh ideas.

Sounds like a good time.