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Vote for Who? Campaign Literature Fail.



In Anchorage, for at least two more years, March means that the coming municipal elections are in full swing. That means candidate forums, APOC complaints, radio spots, and, yes, hearty amounts of literature rubber banded to our doors. “Door knockers” are supposed to serve twofold, as a “Hi, I’m running for office” introduction, as well as a “…and this is why you should vote for me” sales pitch. Bullet points describe how “Candidate A” is the responsible choice for your neighborhood and why “Candidate B” is a less than optimal conclusion to reach when inking in the little circle, come April 1.

Standard campaign literature is often adorned with smiling would-be elected officials pictured next to bullet points highlighting background information and stances on various issues, like “government bad” or “efficiencies good!”

One such “door knocker” is popping up all over Anchorage, and was brought to our attention by a reader. It’s worth a second look — or double take, whichever you’d prefer. Adam Trombley is the incumbent running for reelection in East Anchorage, alongside longtime state representative Pete Petersen and youth advocate and Northway Mall operator Mao Tosi.

Mr. Trombley obviously put a fair amount of time into designing his campaign literature. It highlights how he voted to criminalize the sale of “Spice” in the municipality, “reduced government” (whatever that means) and fought to “streamline” things (whatever that means).

But, pro-tip for Mr. Trombley: always double check the spelling. It’s actually not all that hard to do. One can generally identify typos by taking note of the little red dots that appear on most word processors under the questionable text.

And, if pressed for time and willing tolerate a typo or two, do your best to avoid misspelling your own name. It can save a lot of awkwardness.

Better luck next time on that front, I suppose. Tromnbly


  1. I’m sure he’ll really feel sick about this as he’s being sworn in to another term later this spring.