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News Roundup: February 7, 2014




A judge issued a temporary restraining order on the state’s new restrictions on Medicaid funding for abortion care. The regulations seek to require doctors to certify that a patient faces “imminent danger of medical impairment of a major bodily function” in order for the procedure to be covered by state Medicaid funds. [ADN]

Speaking of Medicaid, Rep. Pete Higgins (R-Fairbanks) says that its Xerox-designed online payment system that launched in October made the Obamacare rollout “look good.” [Amanda Coyne]

Alaska’s GDP is about the same as that of Uzbekistan. So is Maine’s. Curious about the other 48 states? Thanks to Redditor Phaenthi, there’s now a map. [Policy Mic]

A Copper Center couple tried to travel 100 miles through an avalanche zone to get treatment for their cat, because Valdez’s veterinary clinic has something no other Southcentral clinic does: a fund for people who can’t afford their vet bills. Why aren’t there better options? [Alaska Commons]

A recent poll of 850 Alaskans found growing support for same-sex marriage, marijuana legalization, and repealing last year’s oil tax changes. Statistically, we also aren’t fans of Sarah Palin. [ADN]

A CNN reporter visited a rural Alaskan community and wrote an extensive piece on the state’s record-high rates of sexual assault, including the experiences of one offender in a community-based rehabilitation program. [CNN] [trigger warning: descriptions of sexual assault and child abuse, offender narratives]

Most of us thought Senator Dunleavy’s proposed amendment to allow public funding of private and religious schools was dead in the water, but it’s still alive and kicking. [Alaska Commons]


Everything Else

A man in Houston, Texas paid off the delinquent balances of over 60 students at his local elementary school after learning that they were getting cold cheese sandwiches instead of actual meals. [KPRC]

Bill Nye (yes, the science guy) participated in a debate at the Creation Museum in Kentucky. This sparked a widely circulated Buzzfeed article featuring questions from 22 creationists in the audience, which were very effectively squashed in the International Business Times. [Slate, Buzzfeed, IB Times]

Transgender activist and author Janet Mock went on the Piers Morgan show to talk about her new book, but Piers and CNN decided to sensationalize her medical transition instead. Janet then went back for a second round, which didn’t go much better. [Advocate, Autostraddle]

Samsung, an Olympics sponsor, allegedly asked athletes to cover up Apple logos on their devices during the Games. However, the International Olympic Committee says that the athletes can use whatever phones they want. [MacRumors]