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Tonn Out of Senate Primary Race


One Less Candidate

As of Friday, Anchorage resident Kathleen Tonn informed the public, via Facebook, she is officially out of the US Senate race, posting:

I have officially removed my name from the primary ballot for Alaska US Senator, since there was little support or encouragement for my candidacy! I want it known that I do not support either Joe Miller, Mead Tredwell (sic) or Dan Sullivan in their bid for Alaska US Senator! Please don’t ask me to like your PAGE again!!! May God have mercy on the little children and babies in America in the days ahead!

If you don’t know her as a Senate candidate, you may recall her as the woman who gained national attention for her video in which she speaks in tongues to a random Godless woman in the steam room at the Alaska Club. Blogger Amanda Coyne was kind enough to bless the entire United States of America with Kathleen Tonn’s video stream.

Ms. Tonn’s unique vlog posts have long been on Alaska Commons’ radar after one of our members discovered and enlightened us to this gem of a YouTube video: In “What Do We See?” she blames Obama for some weeds not growing as thick as she’d like.

It’s not too surprising she’s decided to drop out of the GOP primary race, the winner of which will challenge Sen. Mark Begich (D) for his seat in Washington. It would be an uphill battle for her, as her politics run to the right of another primary contender, Joe Miller, who lost a bid for Senate in the 2010 upset write-in campaign of Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R). Ms. Tonn had neither web presence for her campaign nor even a simple social media page. Perhaps the Lord did not lead her in that direction.

You can listen to her stump speech here.



  1. Kathy did you view the video blogs from Kathleen? If so, as a Christian, what would you say to those who aren’t Christians, or maybe they are and LGBT? Kathleen is very conservative and shows very little grace in my opinion.

  2. I have been an Evangelical Christian for almost 30 years. NEVER have I come across a thoroughly odd person in any church as is Kathleen. it is too bad she identifies as Christian, she should FIRST be seen as a person in need of help to bring her to moderate views/behavior.

    I am not only a straight Christian, I am an advocate for the LGBT community. I believe the way in which I treat others is closer to the model of Christ than my dear sister above. Every segment has their oddities. I guess she is ours. 🙁