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News Roundup: January 17, 2014


Eroding Faith in Humanity

An anti-pot group run by an Outside consulting firm plans to start fighting the effort to legalize and regulate marijuana in Alaska. They claim their involvement stems from local requests, but have not offered names of any Alaskans connected to the project.

A Federal Appeals Court ruled that the FCC cannot force Internet companies to treat all online content equally, even if they manipulate service to promote their own content (e.g. Comcast allowing fast access to shows by their NBCUniversal subsidiary, like Parks and Rec, but making FOX so slow that you can’t watch Glee anymore).

An Italian member of the International Olympic Committee blasted the U.S. Olympic delegation, calling it “absurd that a country like that sends four lesbians to Russia just to demonstrate that in their country gay rights have (been established).”

Restoring Faith in Humanity

The Environmental Protection Agency issued its final report on the proposed Pebble mine, warning of devastating consequences to Bristol Bay and its salmon fishery.

A Colorado woman who qualified for the U.S. Olympic biathlete team gave up her spot so her twin sister could go to Sochi, after an illness prevented the sister from participating in qualifying events. Both sisters competed in the 2006 Olympics in Italy.

Researchers at Northeastern University have identified a new treatment to destroy MRSA, the antibiotic-resistant “superbug” that infects 1 million Americans per year and can lead to (thus far) incurable chronic infections.

Smugglers and hackers are helping break down the walls between North Korea and the outside world, slowly eroding the strength of the dictatorial Kim regime.

A litter of sick kittens found a loving home at a maximum-security prison in upstate New York.

Reminders that Humanity is Bizarre

An anonymous group has formed a religion centered around Kanye West, describing him as “a divine being who has been sent by God to usher in a New Age of humanity.”

A group of snowboarders is suing the US Forest Service and Utah’s Alta Ski Area, claiming that the resort’s prohibition on snowboarding is a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment.

Fun fact: 95% of ATMs run Windows XP – the 12-year-old operating system for which Microsoft is ending official support and security updates in April.

Mitt Romney danced Gangnam style at a Mormon conference in Arizona last weekend.

Iran’s semi-official news agency, Fars, reported that America is secretly ruled by Nazi aliens.