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News Roundup: December 20, 2013


Getting Into the Holiday Spirit
Thousands of people from around the world have been flocking to a website that allows you to remotely control the holiday lights on a small cabin in Fairbanks.
The Anchorage Daily News released its Alaskan Gift Guide, so you can support local small businesses while doing some last-minute shopping.
And speaking of shopping, a bald eagle decided to drop in to an Unalaska department store, causing about $400 in damage in the 3 hours he spent inside.
In Other News
Research shows that the price of crude oil – the cornerstone of Alaska’s economy – is completely random. Literally.
A newly appointed member of Ketchikan’s city council is already facing calls to step down after other council members learned that he lost his job and teaching certificate in a sexual misconduct investigation.
In a surprising turn of events, Anchorage finally made its way onto good top-ten list. But the Assembly is still a mess.
Science and Technology
Samsung wants a do-over of its latest patent dispute with Apple, claiming that it was the victim of racial prejudice.
Teenagers in Denmark discovered that plants don’t grow well near Wi-Fi routers.
Target reports that up to 40 million customers’ credit and debit cards may have been compromised by hackers.
The FDA says there’s no proof that antibacterial soap does any good, and wants the industry to prove it wrong.
Politics and Religion
President Obama is having some fun with his delegation to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, which features low-level administration officials and three openly gay athletes.
Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell reminisces about the good ol’ 1950’s – when women could be fired for becoming pregnant, the top tax rate was 92%, and Alaska was run by a federal agency.
The Onion reports that Alaskans believe in God because “There’s got to be something divine behind the smooth, sweet taste of cream soda.”