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Small Business Spotlight: Rock Valley Boutique


[Originally published at Downtown Association of Fairbanks. Republished with permission.]

Photo of and courtesy of Adrienne McGee
Photo of and courtesy of Adrienne McGee

For Adrienne McGee, clothes are more than cloth and fabric. Clothes are like companions and – most importantly – are a passion. It was only natural that, at some point, she open her own clothing boutique.
“I’ve always wanted to run a clothing store,” said McGee, owner of Rock Valley Boutique, the new ladies clothing store downtown. “I felt like it was something we needed here.”
What makes Rock Valley unique is its quality and rotating selection, according to McGee. She brings new merchandise in every few weeks and will bring new shoe styles in every season. Rock Valley offers a selection of high-quality casual, eclectic and “arty” apparel, including jeans, tops and coats. Her prices range from $12 to $240.
“I pick clothes that you won’t be able to find somewhere else in town,” she said.
For McGee, shopping should be about the experience. She’s designed her downtown shop with an Outside vibe. “It feels like a big city boutique in a small town,” she said.
The boutique is spacious with plenty of room to move between racks. It’s cozy and laid back. Pandora is always on, playing music ranging from 90’s rap to Mumford and Sons. Toward the back of her shop a pair of leather chairs beckon to be sat in; the perfect place to try on a new pair of shoes.
An essential feature of her shop is the location. “I just kept coming back to this space,” McGee said. “I felt like I wanted to be part of revitalizing downtown.” Her boutique is nestled along 2nd Ave next to Big Ray’s, only a short walk across Lacey to the Parking Garage.
McGee wants to help people push the envelope – fashion-wise – with her boutique. “Just because we live in Fairbanks doesn’t mean we have to wear our PJ’s out,” she said. If people are brave enough to wear their pajama pants out in public, maybe they can try on clothing, she added.
Clothes are a way of sharing something about yourself without speaking or acting, McGee said. “You can’t always choose what things are going to come at you in your day but you can always choose what you’ll be wearing.”
“Try something new,” she said. “Dressing up is not going to hurt anything.”
Rock Valley is located at 511 Second Ave and opened October 5.
[Jeremia Schrock is the communications coordinator for the Downtown Association of Fairbanks.]