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Translating Satire Into Plain English: "The Hunger Games Are Real"


It’s always delightful to see SciFi fans realize the satire behind the blockbuster. No one involved in the genre, currently, seems to do it quite like the Harry Potter Alliance. The group advertises itself as “an army of fans, activists, nerdfighters, teenagers, wizards and muggles dedicated to fighting for social justice with the greatest weapon we have — love.”
Don’t really know about the love part – that might be a different genre. But, that aside, the group has a keen ability of breaking the fourth wall, using popular science fiction and fantasy nerd culture to highlight very real societal ills.
With the release of the latest Hunger Games installment, “Catching Fire,” the self-described nerdfighters took to the intertubes to preach their unique brand of social justice.

Sure, it’s probably just high end slacktivism. Threatening the end of the line for “the President Snowes of the world” while citing that “the fires have started and we will not stop,” actually translates to “a lot of people will probably like this group on facebook and hopefully share it a bunch of times.” I wouldn’t count on a wave of voter registration drives, protests in the street, or anything akin to what actually happens in the Hunger Games. Not that armed revolt should be a goal, but a social media nod is a treasure trove to the “President Snowes” who can just click next without additional concern.
Plus, they’ve managed to get dozens of people to send in solidarity-photos, which is a facebook-like-plus-one! That’ll show you, tyrants!
In any case, it’s a neat video and it’s a nice reminder that the people that frustrated older demographics like to blame for not caring are actually paying attention; at least peripherally. Maybe not in a way that grandpa understands, but he’s still trying to send blast faxes against Obamacare, so bug off. Youth movements persevere – even if only through virtual mediums. (Granted, physically gathering in the streets in objection didn’t work out very well for us last time.)
Seeing people connect the dots that satire is desperately trying to get them to piece together is a beautiful thing to see. Who knows, maybe it will be the necessary spark to break the Huxleyian hold.
Three fingered salute to you, Harry Potter Alliance.
Find out more at OddsInOurFavor.org


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