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News Roundup: December 13, 2013


Alaska Headlines

News Roundup
A major mixed-income housing development is in the works for Mountain View in Anchorage. The $27 million project is currently in the planning process, and the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation hopes to begin construction next year.
Fare increases are in the works for Anchorage’s People Mover bus system, with the largest increases coming for seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities. In exchange, two routes will see expanded service, and the share of property tax funding for the transit system will go down by 1%.
The US Postal Service is having a rough time in Southeast Alaska, with the Skagway post office being temporarily staffed by Juneau employees due to a staffing shortage, and a broken mail sorting machine in Ketchikan causing delays of up to 5 days in receiving mail.
Big money is already pouring in on both sides for advertising around the 2014 U.S. Senate race, in which Senator Mark Begich is up for re-election for the first time.
‘Walking with Dinosaurs,’ a movie filmed in Southcentral Alaska, hits theaters on December 20th.
MTV reports that Ke$ha brought her hair and makeup artist to Alaska for a date earlier this year.
Travel News
Delta Air Lines and Alaska Airlines are fighting for Seattle, and it’s having a positive effect on ticket prices for Alaskans.
Starting next month, flights on all of Alaska Airlines’ international partners will count towards MVP status.
There are going to be UAA and UAF-themed planes flying between Anchorage and Fairbanks in the near future.
Increased airport parking rates will go into effect in Anchorage and Fairbanks on January 1st. Prices are also going up for taxi and tour bus permits, and new rates have been announced for renting airport space for trainings, conferences and fundraisers.
Awesome, Troubling, and Weird National Stories
Two of the oldest living World War II veterans – both 107 years old, and both African-American men – will meet for the first time today after it was discovered that they had been living within hours of each other for sixty years.
A woman in Louisiana is adding a second middle finger to her rooftop light display after the original was vandalized by neighbors. The ACLU helped her sue the city of Denham Springs last year after police urged her to remove the display, and a settlement was reached this past summer.
The country’s largest food-service supply company, Sysco, has announced plans to buy the second-largest, U.S. Foods. After the transaction is complete, Sysco will control 25% of the market nationwide.
Sriracha vodka exists. Rejoice.