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Take Me Home Tonight: Adoptable Pets from Alaska Shelters


Every week I’m going to feature adoptable pets and events surrounding pet adoption from across Alaska. To the best of my knowledge, each of these pets are still available, and I encourage you to follow the links to find out more about these animals and the shelters that are caring for them.
Anchorage Animal Care and Control


Have you ever seen a dog that personified “Zoinks!” as much as this one? Please meet Balto, an 8 year old, neutered male, husky mix. Extremely loyal and lovable, this fellow is friendly, knows commands, and wants to please. He’s lived with other dogs, and with children 10-19, and did great with all. With unique brown/blue eyes that give him a goofy expression, this mature, focused guy has lots of love to share. Excellent family dog, looking for his forever home.
Click here to find out how to bring this lovable guy home.
Clear Creek Cat Rescue (CCCR)

Strawberry is a friendly and affectionate girl who very much loves to hang out with her family. She will join you on the sofa for snuggle time, nestle up next to you if you don’t mind and purr. She enjoys playing a bit with her friends, likes chasing a string and paper balls. She can co-exist with another mellow cat. We don’t know how she is with dogs. She will likely be a good hunter and would like a yard where she can go outside in nice weather. She is beautiful and well mannered. About 3 years old. Strawberry will be an excellent family member for those who want a great feline friend and cuddler.
Click here to find out how to bring this sweet little nubby-tailed cat home.
Humane Society of Kodiak Animal Shelter

Are you looking for the perfect cat to recreate a “Pink and the Brain” experience with?

Pinky: Meow, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?
You: The same thing we do every night, Pinky – try to take over the world!

And then how you’ll laugh!
Click here to find out how to bring home this little bundle of laughs.
Kenai Animal Shelter


Shambeau is a beautiful adult male husky looking for a nice home where he can live off of the chain. We were told he was about 5, however his demeanor seems a bit older. He is a puller, and would love to be a ski-joring partner, part of a recreational sled team,or just pull the kids around on a sled. His friends here at the shelter would rather see him live his life in a securely fenced yard instead of on a chain again. He has been seen with livestock, other dogs and children, and has done well.
Click here to find out how to bring this wonderful dog home today!
Mat-Su Animal Care and Regulations

From Alaskan Shelter Dogs:
Sweet Theo has been at the Mat-Su Shelter for over two months now. He is SO sweet…SO happy…and his eyes are so INCREDIBLY bright! Theo looks eagerly out of his kennel. Day after day after day. With the hope of a faithful dog. He needs to know what it feels like to have a real home, to be loved. PLEASE help those bright eyes light up forever! Please consider adopting Theo into your heart, and into your home!!
Click here to find out how to bring Theo home.


  1. im looking into rescuing a young husky from parvo, it needs a home to recover in. i have two cats, and ive heard rumors that huskies eat cats, is this true?

  2. No, huskies do not eat cats. They’re like any other dog and chase after them if not well behaved but are not cat eaters.

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