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Have you seen Stephen Gingrich? [UPDATED]


In its Late Edition broadcast, KTUU news reported that the Anchorage Police Department is searching for Eagle River resident Stephen “Stef” Gingrich. He was reported missing by one of his neighbors, who last saw Gingrich nearly two weeks ago, walking outside near his home. Not long after, the Anchorage Police Department tweeted this message.

Gingrich has a home in Eagle River off of Hiland Road, but he also has ties in Fairbanks and Kodiak.
[UPDATE] On Sunday, November 17, some updates were published about the ongoing search for Stephen Gingrich.
A small group of Gingrich’s friends visited his property in Eagle River to see if any new information could be found. One friend, identified on Facebook as Karen Possible, posted this update:

Was out at his cabin today. Appears that he left with the intention of returning, but something went wrong. His pets are now being cared for. Please help get the word out. The more people who know he is missing the sooner we can help Steve and ease his family’s fears. Thanks for passing this along. P.S. Special thanks to Anchorage Police Department and AK Search and Rescue. They were doing an amazing job today out in the snow and cold.

We’ve been told that Gingrich’s family has been contacted, and police are currently working on narrowing down possible areas to direct their search.
The Anchorage Daily News’ Michelle Theriault Boots published an article about Gingrich’s missing person status, including information gathered from Gingrich’s friends and neighbors:

An avid hiker whom friends describe as a skilled outdoorsman and botany expert, Gingrich is single and doesn’t have close family members living in state.
Gingrich has for decades devoted his time to Democratic political causes and LGBT activism.
He was known for making flags and buttons for people to wear at events and protests, said Mel Green, a longtime LGBT activist in Anchorage. He helped build floats for the annual PrideFest parade.

A “Stephen Gingrich is Missing” Facebook Group was opened, and is a good place to post or read updates from friends and neighbors who are helping the search.
Stephen Gingrich is known and loved by many of us here at the Alaska Commons. He is a longtime active member of the community in Anchorage, and has always been the first person to show up if someone asked for help.

Gingrich is described as 6 feet tall and 175 pounds with long sandy-blonde hair and blue eyes.

Please, if you see him or have any idea of his whereabouts, contact the Anchorage Police Dispatch at 786-8900.

Stephen Gingrich
Stephen Gingrich