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Life Unmeasured: Falling in love with my stove, again.


Years ago, when I moved out of my folks house, I picked up a George Foreman Grill. I used it often, as it heated up quicker and much more evenly than the ancient electric range in the apartment I was renting.
Eventually life brought me to meet my partner, Nate. After lots of hard work, we were able to purchase a humble abode to make our own, and clearly our mode of cooking needed an upgrade. One of the first projects we completed was having a gas line ran so that the kitchen could accommodate the range I’ve always wanted. It is a beautiful Jenn-Air brand, though not the kind with the built in exhaust fan. Features include five gas burners, with a simmer function in the middle for heartwarming soups and stews, and a power burner up front that blasts 17,000 BTU’s. The ability to sear is almost as impressive as the commercial kitchens I worked in for many years.
The electric convection oven cooks evenly and quickly. A dual fuel range is really the best of both worlds. I’ve had this stove for five years now and, if I could, I’d take it with me. In all that time, my only real complaints are aesthetic. The black stove top color can be very hard to keep clean and one of the cheap plastic knobs break every once in a while. (A new one magically appears within a week, every time. My suspicion is that Nate has some secret to getting new ones.)
The Jenn-Air is my dream stove. It was affordable for me, it’s sleek, and for most of us who love to cook gas is really supreme.
With work and my limited social life I am always looking for ways to make meals easier to prepare, while leaving less to clean up. So, on one of our Costco trips down the aisle of “gadgets you don’t need,” I spotted a beautiful stainless steel Cuisinart Gourmet Griddler. That seemed like something that could be used to cut down on all the cooking and cleaning. It is supposed to do a lot of things: griddle, grill and panini press. It is suppose to be so easy to clean. It is suppose to make food taste good. I bought into the hype that many have. Though I understand for many these electric grill devices are helpful tools, using this device just reminded me that wiping down the stove really isn’t all the difficult. And that cast iron is really easy to clean. My stove is just as versatile and I have control over it. The food comes out more flavorful and is just as quick.
The Cuisinart Griddler feels more like a mediocre attempt at making life easy, but I give up too much in the trade. It doesn’t sear well enough for me. It just sits on the counter or in the pantry, where it hardly gets any use. Yes, it is easy to clean for an extra appliance. The plates do come off and are dishwasher safe. But, I have never found any of the meals I have made from it to be amazing.
I decided to break up with it. Though Nate has dreams of buying a waffle plate attachment, I refuse to spend any more money on something that is not needed. I have found a cast iron waffle iron that I can use atop my beloved stove.
Funny how some things remind you what your priorities are, and what you will invest in. I have found that cooking steaks on a cast iron skillet under the broiler set to high yields amazing results. I can get out the cast iron griddle pan and make pancakes up a storm. And the best part is that cast iron, when taken care of, is so easy to clean. The food just has a certain amount of love from it with no worry that I just ate Teflon.
I would like to thank my Cuisinart Gourmet Griddler for making me realize how amazing my stove is and how awesome cast iron cookware is. I will ensure that you find a home that will appreciate you and take care of you.