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Rage City Rollergirls Do the Monster Mash!


Season 6 of roller derby for the Rage City Rollergirls kicked off on Saturday night with a local bout comprised of two mixed roster “home” teams.


Ness U. Up (#530) chats with Little Red Vette on the Voodoo Dollies Sideline (l) while Spenard Itch converses with her teammates on the Ven Killa Dolls (r).

It was a fun night for derby, and a well attended bout at the AT&T Sports Pavilion. Lots of people turned out in costume. There were food trucks parked outside dishing up delicious meals, a beer garden courtesy of Midnight Sun Brewing, and a wonderful halftime performance courtesy of the Polynesian Dancers.


The night ended with the Voodoo Dollies, captained by JENetically Evil (#76) and Deuce Gunner (#50), taking the win with a score of 182 – 160.
The Ven Killa Dolls, captained by WickedSpedia (#313) and Chick Norris Derby Rayne-ger (#J13), put up a good fight. At halftime they trailed 100 – 56 but a couple of power jams in the first two minutes of the second half helped them gain 18 points.
The Voodoo Dollies tried to break away again during the midpoint of the second half, with Little Red Vette (#100) leading several big jams while the Ven Killa Dolls struggled with penalties.


JENetically Evil (l) and Little Red Vette (r) had some outstanding jams to lead their team to victory.

The Ven Killa Dolls were closing the scoring gap as the bout started to wind down. Spenard Itch (#27), Pain Maker Sally (#66), WickedSpeedia, and Chick Norris took turns jamming for the Venn Killa Dolls and they were making some hard earned gains, but careful time management by lead jammer JENetically Evil ground down the last few minutes on the scoreboard before the Ven Killa Dolls could make up the remaining 22 points.


Spenard Itch jams her way through the lethal trio of Deuce Gunner (l), Bat Ma’am(c), and Thai-GRRR(r).


And lets out a deep sigh of relief after scoring some hard earned points.

Defensively, the Voodoo Dollies put a brutal fight, with veterans Thai-GRRR (#202) and Deuce Gunner working closely at the front of the blocking pack to create one hell of a final obstacle.


Pain Maker Sally (#66)(c) puts the moves on, with the help of her pivot Chick Norris, to pick up some points

There were several new faces to the local teams in this bout. Chick Norris, a seasoned veteran who recently moved here from Orange County, has organized and skated for two teams prior to relocating to Anchorage. Her experience definitely showed when she took the jammer star. She prefers to lineup a little farther back from the starting pack, so that she can get her momentum going when the whistle blows. She then uses that momentum like a wrecking ball to smash a path through the pack.
Another notable new face was Blazin’ Booty (#419), a true rookie who got her first start as a jammer for the Voodoo Dollies during the second half. Unfortunately she spent most of that time in the penalty box, but she seemed eager, aggressive, and ready to make a name for herself on the track.


Blazin’ Booty makes a victory lap at the end of the bout

The next bout will be December 7 against the Boomtown Derby Dames of Palmer. Check back here later this week for an expanded gallery of the bout.