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Spoiler Alert: Five Announcements at New York Comic Con That Make Me Excited for Comics


Last weekend, New York was the host of its annual comic convention, The New York Comic Con. Much like its West Coast counterpart, NYCC was a three day event where the biggest groups in comics announced big projects, fans got to meet their favorite creators and was an all around calibration of pop culture. What I’ve always loved about the East Coast con was that despite being a big event, it didn’t feel as overfilled and cluttered West Coast show.  As the show ended, there were some projects that I definitely can’t wait to read and here were five announcements that make me excited for comics.
1. She-Hulk by Charles Soule and Javier Pulido in February
One of the biggest break-out stars of 2013 has to be Charles Soule. Starting out the year with his run on DC Swamp Thing, he brought the title back to form after the ho-hum event that was “Rotworld”.  He then continued being the doctor that bad books need fixing Marvel’s Thunderbolts and DC’s Red Lanterns.  I’m pretty excited to see what stories he has to tell with Jennifer Walters. What I love about the past She-Hulk stories are not only the balance between her two jobs of being a lawyer and superhero but being She-Hulk and Jen Walters. Along in art duties is Javier Pulido who’s done stunning art on Hawkeye and Amazing Spider-Man. With 2012 being a great year for female led books like Captain Marvel, Fearless Defenders and Batwoman, I hope She-Hulk continues the trend in 2014.
2. Silver Surfer by Dan Slott and Mike Allred in March

When I first got in to comics, one of the first artists I fell in love with was Mike Allred. With a 50’s pop art style, it opened my eyes to not only what a book could look like, but his run on X-Statix’s changed what I thought a superhero comic could be. I’ve dug the majority of his work be it creator owned titles like iZombie or most recent run on Marvel’s FF, but his first official art for Silver Surfer looks like it could be some of his funniest yet. Allred has a real knack for combining a retro style but make it look modern and I think it could be a great look for The Surfer. Combine that with Dan Slott who’s not only past work is just as outstanding, but currently is writing the hell out of Superior Spider-Man, it looks like a great combo who could produce something real groovy.
3. Marvel Reprinting All of Miracleman starting in January.

Working at The Comic Shop, one title I always hear from older readers that I should check out is Miracleman. First created in 1954 by artist/writer Mick Anglo, the book gained prominence in the 1980’s when Watchman’s Alan Moore and later Sandman’s Neil Gaiman deconstructed the UK hero in a modern setting. After Eclipse Comics, the rights holders at the time, went out of business, the rights of the character were held up in court until Marvel announced their ownership in 2009. It’s near impossible trying to get a hold of the 80’s incarnation, but with the Marvel re-prints, I can finally see what the fuss is about. Also, it will be interesting to see if Miracleman makes his way into the greater Marvel University.
4. Return of Stephanie Brown in New Batman Weekly Series, Batman Eternal.
If there was one character who got a pretty raw deal after DC Comics relaunch in 2001, it was then current Batgirl Stephanie Brown. The fan favorite character after being violently beaten to death during the Batman event “War Games”, was resurrected due to fan outrage over the treatment of the character. She was brought in as the new Batgirl in a new series and became the protégé of former Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, becoming a new fan favorite title. Then the relaunch happened and she disappeared without a trace. As years have gone by, DC has finally decided to bring back Steph and the question now is in what context. With DC not being too kind to fan favorite female characters like killing Young Justice member Artemis in her first appearance in Teen Titans, outlook may not look good for the former Batgirl, but I can still hope that writer Scott Snyder has enough respect for her and her fans.
5. Avengers Undercover by Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker in March
One of the biggest surprises of Marvel’s rebranding, Marvel Now, was Avengers Arena. When former X-Men villain Arcade tires of losing to adult heroes, he borrows an idea of maybe trying his hand at younger fare. After kidnapping C-listers from the Avengers Academy, Braddock Academy, The Runaways and other places, he chucks them in to his Murderwold and forces them to fight to the death. What made the book so good was that not only were they pretty cheeky about the obvious homage to stories like Battle Royale, and gorgeous art from Kev Walker but being beloved C-listers, you knew that if these characters were to die, there is no coming back. With Arena ending in November, Hopeless announced his follow-up will be Avengers Undercover as the survivors of Murderworld teaming up to infiltrate and destroy the villainous Masters of Evil from the inside. With the same team returning and the danger still high for this new Avengers team, I wonder if this title can keep the tenseness that was in each issue of Arena.