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Saturday Morning Funnies: This Week In Internet Memes


Every week, we trawl the tubes to bring you the best internet memes. Why? Because we want you to start off your Saturday morning with a smile, a spit-take, and maybe a chuckle. Because you’re awesome, people love you – or in some cases don’t at all – and you deserve it.
The Funny

boob and butt cleavage
KWHL Alaska’s Rock (FB)

The Mudflats (FB)
947 KZND (FB)
ask god creating earth days
God (FB)

case of the mondays

bitchcicles shark ship
Welcome to the Internet (FB)

The Furry
every bunny kung fu fighting
I simply don’t have enough middle fingers to show you how I truly feel. (FB)

kitty in a napkin
N2 the Talking Cat (FB)

The Dork Side (FB)
disney african princess
Fantasy And Sci-Fi Rock My World (FB)

Boondock Saints (FB)
The Dork Side (FB)
The Furlough-y
Meanwhile In Canada (FB)
botl (FB)
nobody got time for a shutdown