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Rage City Roller Derby Scrimmage [Gallery]


Last Thursday night I got to hang out with the wonderful women of Anchorage’s own roller derby team, the Rage City Rollergirls. There won’t be a scrimmage this week, as they will be hosting their annual fundraiser Black Eye and Tie Galla celebration and fundraiser. Later this week we’ll have a full write up of what the ladies were up to in the off season and why you should come out and support them when they skate off for a new season on October 26th. In the meantime, here’s a teaser gallery.


After the girls gear up, they take a few warm up laps around the track, and once everyone is ready they start group warm ups.


A quick pep talk…


And then they’re off!
Each team gets a jammer, who is responsible for lapping members of the other team to score points. The first jammer to break from the pack is the lead jammer, and can end a round (or Jam) at any point by tapping her hips.

Each team has four blockers, who are responsible for making sure that their jammer is the first one out of the gate, while preventing the other teams jammer from passing them to score points.


And with all that bumping and rubbing, someone inevitably takes a spill.