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Senshi Con Cosplay [Gallery]


No Con would be complete without cosplayers. Senshi Con was loaded with quality costumes, check out the gallery below for some of my favorites.

Matt Jarvis, cosplaying as the 9th Doctor, struck an epic pose for the camera. What really causes the TARDIS to explode, 9 and 10 touching fingers… The 10th Doctor takes a break to peruse the shelves of the Boscoe Booth.

Live Action Role Players from the local Amtgard chapter

(left to right) Marik from the Yu Gi Oh card game/manga/anime and the ever serious Inuyasha

I found Waldo and Carmen Sandiego at Senshi Con!

(left to right) Straight out of Arkham Asylum, it’s the Scarecrow and from DC vs MK it’s Robin, Raiden, and Batman!

An all star cosplaying team

Big Boss (from the Metal Gear video game franchise) takes down a bad guy.
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