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News Roundup: September 27, 2013


Fancy Learnin’ News
A new photography exhibit opened on Monday at UAF. Adrian Knutson’s work features images she captured while working in Tanzania last summer, before she died in a car accident there.
UAF will also be celebrating 90 years of Starvation Gulch this weekend. The outdoor event features bonfires, music, booths, and barbecue and is held every year in the Taku Parking lot on the east side of campus.
The UA system received a $1 million gift from Princess/Holland America as a public relations stunt sign of their continued investment in the states tourist industry. Over half of the funds will go to UAA’s renovation of Cuddy Hall. A portion will also go to the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program as part of a clever PR stunt to cover up the fact that they lobbied against cleaner water standards along Alaska’s coasts  to support conservation of Alaska’s marine and coastal resources.
Speaking of reviving marine resources, a West High student was in the news this week for his work in reviving the schools two 260 gallon aquariums. James Demolina worked with the PTSA and local businesses to pool resources for the tanks.
Around the State
In other conservation news, Alaska tourism pioneer and Valdez conservation leader Stan Stephens passed away recently. Celebrations of life will be held in Valdez, Anchorage, and Fairbanks. Stephens was heavily involved in bringing citizen oversight to conservation issues following the Exxon Valdez oil spill.
In a long overdue stroke of justice, “The Fairbanks Four” were finally released from prison. The four were in prison after being wrongfully accused of murdering 15 year old John Hartman in 1997. The real perpetrator of the crime, William Holmes, confessed to the crime this week. He is currently incarcerated in California and serving a life sentence on homicide charges.
“Shake My Head” News
Apple maps has struck again, this time with bad directions at the Fairbanks International Airport. It seems that in finding the shortest route to the airport, the app has been directing people to take a shortcut by driving ACROSS the runway. At least two people in the last three weeks have found themselves on the tarmac, surrounded by security as they attempt to drive to the terminal.
During a post game interview with the Oakland A’s following their clinching of the AL West, a baby was spotted in the background, kicking back a cold one while being carried out of the park. There were no reports of drunken baby brawls that evening.
Social media was all in a fury yesterday over pasta. Guido Barilla sparked the international food controversy when he stated that gay couples would never be featured in their advertising because they don’t represent the “classic family” built around having a woman in the kitchen and the man as the primary pasta winner. He also said “If [gays] don’t like it, they can go eat another brand” before concluding with “everyone has a right to do what they want without disturbing those around them.” Unless of course you’re a gay couple, a woman who wants to work outside of the kitchen, or a poor college student who supports equality but is stuck eating cheap shitty pasta.
A bit of Feel Good Friday
When an Atlanta wedding was called off at the last minute, the parents of the bride called a local nonprofit and arranged to have 200 homeless people take advantage of the catered reception dinner.